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Vauxhall Cascada updated,the new Skoda Roomster,New Renault Laguna spied

Yes that is exactly what we have done this morning. Upon waking up today, we have been treated to some fresh new photos of the brand new Renault Laguna which were take whilst the car was spotted on the move over in Romania. The firm behind the new car have not yet commented on what changes are going to be made to the vehicle but we would expect that some revisions at both the front and back end of the car will come into play as the images revealed a fully camouflaged car. The new model does however look to carry a similar design as the current Laguna. The car falls under the family vehicle category and has been on offer ever since 1994. Renault will be looking to take the Laguna to the next level with this new revision for the car and we are looking forward to hearing more about what the brand plan to do to it.


Information on the new Skoda Roomster

The Skoda Roomster is a popular choice for many buyers when it comes down to a good commercial van and we have seen it challenge the best that this market has to offer ever since it was first launched in 2006. However rumours have been running rampant about the new model and now we have seen our first image of the car fully camouflaged. However, the new van may not be what you expected. The new Roomster is operating on the same technical options as that of the Volkswagen Caddy. The van is to be a re-badged version of the Caddy and the reason behind this is that Skoda will now look to focus their attention on their suv division but wish to keep the mpv segment open for sales too. It was confirmed by the Volkswagen Group that the new Roomster would carry the same diesel and petrol engines that can be found inside of the Caddy which mean two litre diesels and a 1.2 and 1.4 petrol choice also. Skoda have put their own touches on it though with the all new grille and rear light designs. Skoda have not yet given a cost and release time for the new Roomster.


New colours and new engine for the Vauxhall Cascada

The Vauxhall brand have many good sellers on their hands right now and when we think of some of the very best, the likes of the Corsa and Insignia do of course come into mind. Another vehicle which has however proven to be a popular choice across the country is the Cascada. Now the firm are looking to spice this range up by offering a brand new engine for the vehicle and a choice of new colour options also. Vauxhall this week confirmed that a new two litre, turbo diesel engine will come with the car with 168 brake horse power delivered from it which is therefore making the new model more efficient than it was previously before. A figure of 129g/Km C02 emissions are returned from it. With this fixture comes new paint work options. These have been confirmed to be 'True Blue', 'Coconut' and 'Rocky Coast'. OnStar technology however is the final feature to be added to the car which now offers a 4G wifi connection which can allow for upto seven mobile devices to link up to it. A cost of 30,500 Euros has been confirmed for the updated Cascada model which equals to around £22,069 here in the UK.