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At GapInsurance123, we employ a fair pricing policy to ensure all our customers get the same fair value when buying cover. 


But what does 'fair pricing' mean? 


Fair Pricing means that every customer, whether they call us for a quote or get a quote online, will get the same premium price regardless of how they find us. That means that if you are a returning customer or new to us, whether you are on our website on your break on a night shift or able to call us in the day, you are offered the same premium. 


How do we ensure this is the best Gap Insurance price we can offer?    fair pricing policy Gap Insurance 123


We have contractually committed to a maximum, fixed commission rate with our underwriters. This means we provide the best premium price we can every time, the first time. 


GapInsurance123 does not appear on comparison websites. As helpful as these can be for consumers to compare products, they also come with a cost. The owners of the comparison websites can charge high fees for referrals and sales that come from them. These sums would have to be passed on to our policyholders, which we do not think gives the best value. 


GapInsurance123 does not have any commercial relationships, paid recommendations, sponsorships, or ratings from other companies. If we did, these costs would again have to be passed on to our policyholders. Furthermore, we do not think this is fair. 


And finally, we DO NOT employ anything like discount codes or vouchers. There are a couple of reasons for this. We know it can be a popular marketing tactic to inflate the cost of your policy and then offer a customer a discount code to portray a special deal. One issue we have with this is that system relies on consumers being able to local these codes on the internet. Not all will, and this means not everyone will get the same value. 


There is a second reason we will not use a discount code. We think it can distract consumers from looking at the features they get with a GapInsurance123 policy. Sometimes saving a couple of pounds in the excitement of finding a discount code could cost you financially when trying to make a claim.  


At GapInsurance123, we understand that people look for value for money. When it comes to Gap Insurance, the simple way to consider this is by looking at the features you get in the policy compared to the premium price you pay. 


How does GapInsurance123 provide value for money?


Firstly, we have tried to ensure the Gap Insurance products we provide have some of the most comprehensive and practical terms and features available in the market today. This means we can be confident that your Gap Insurance policy from GapInsurance123 will give you the surety and confidence when protecting your vehicle. 


Examples of how we do this include:


Cash Settlements - we do not replace any car with one of our choice. We understand you may not want the exact vehicle again for a variety of reasons. By making a cash settlement to you, you are free to replace the car as you see fit. 


No Claim Limits - with many Gap Insurance products, you have to select (or some have imposed) a maximum claim limit on the policy. This is the most you can claim in the event of a claim. It is not always easy to know what to pick. With GapInsurance123, we do not have any claim limits, so this problem is taken away. 


Underwritten by a Consortium of Lloyds of London syndicates, managed by Arch Managing Agency Ltd - many Gap Insurance products are backed by insurers you may never have heard of. If you look for a recognisable and financially secure insurer, they do not come much bigger than Lloyds of London. Lloyds have been going since 1686 after all!


It goes without saying, both Arch and Lloyds of London carry 'A' financial ratings with all major ratings agencies. 


Overall, at GapInsurance123, we feel that the balance between premium price and policy features means we can provide the best value for money in the UK Gap Insurance market today.