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Delayed Start - Deferred Gap Insurance

If you have bought a new vehicle your own motor insurance company may offer you new for old replacement style gap insurance free of charge for the first 12 months.

This used to be very common practice almost a perk of buying a new car, however more and more motor insurance companies are moving away from this as a standard feature so as always we would request that you contact your own insurance company to confirm if you are covered. 

Did you know that Go Compare say that 14% of new for old policies have mileage restrictions while 86% have time frame limitations to source a replacement vehicle.*

*Data taken from Go Compare October 2021.

Some Motor Insurance companies who still offer new for old style cover may also have additional imposed terms and conditions,

  • Some have mileage restrictions,  
  • Some have age restrictions,
  • Some have restrictions based on how you have paid for your car,
  • Some have restrictions based on how long it will take to source you another vehicle.

Again we stress we can not comment on the terms and conditions of your motor insurance policy and would request that you contact your car insurance provider for clarification.

If you have new for old and are happy with any conditions that your motor insurance company may impose we may have a solution. .

Deferred Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 allows you to delay the start date of your policy for up to 12 months after your car was 1st registered.

You can buy two types of deferred policies for up to 3 years. ( Total 4 years cover ) That is to say year 1 your own insurance company, years 2, 3 and 4 your gap insurance policy.

For example you have new for old cover from your motor insurance company and are happy with the terms and conditions of your motor insurance companies policy. 

  • Pick a three-year combined gap insurance policy.
  • Click the deferred tick box.
  • You can now set the start date at any time up to your cars 1st birthday.
  • You are now relying on your own insurance company to cover you in year 1.
  • Years 2,3 & 4 are covered with your gap insurance 123 policy.


Please note that it is your responsibility to check with your own insurance company to make sure that you have cover in place. We would advise that where ever possible your ask them to confirm it in writing, check any clauses that may prevent you from getting replacement cover and request that you keep a copy for your records. As such Aequitas Automotive trading as Gap Insurance123 will accept no liability for cover before the start date of your policy.