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The Financial Services Compenstaion Scheme ( FSCS) is an independent body that is there to help when the financial institution you have purchased your product or service from is no longer available to meet their financial obligations.


When you buy a financial product in the UK it is important to make sure that you are covered by the FSCS.


This is because in the case of gap insurance if you needed to make a claim and the underwriter you had bought your policy from was no longer financially able to settle your claim the without the FSCS potentially you may never be offered a settlement.


The FSCS where set up in 2001 under the guidance of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. They are completely independent and are solely funded by payments made by companies who provide Financial Services within the UK.


The FSCS Website ( data taken from September 2021 ) says "FSCS exists to protect customers of financial services firms that have failed. If the company you’ve been dealing with has failed and can’t pay claims against it, we can step in to pay compensation." 


You may not have heard of the FSCS but they have been working hard for many years aiming to protect the UK consumer *

  • In the year 2018-2019 they paid our 473 million pounds to 425,760 customers.
  • They also recovered £20 billion from the 2008 bank failures 
  • They repaid all the £20.5 billion borrowed from the Uk treasury that year.


As gap insurance is classed as a supplementary insurance ( it is an optional extra and there is no legal requirement to buy gap insurance ) you may be protected up to 90% of your claim with no upper limit. This will depend if you are a private individual or a business in which case your annual turnover may be a factor.


Without protection from the FSCS millions and millions of UK consumers could of been left without any cover or compensation. This is why it is important to make sure that any financial product that you buy or invest in is protected by the FSCS. 


For more information about claim limits and to find out more about the incredible work that the FSCS do please visit