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We understand that GAP Insurance can seem like a minefield at first glance.

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • How do I pick a claim limit?
  • Which level of cover is best?
  • How do I claim?

We know that there can be a lot of questions, why not call our free phone number which is open Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm where a fully qualified member of the team can talk you through the options. Plain English, no jargon, no gimmicks.

If you'd prefer, why not look at some of our most frequently asked questions. Either way at GapInsurance123 we are here to help you understand gap insurance so that you can make your own informed choice.

Is there an age restriction?

  • No there is no age restriction.

Do your policies cover vehicles that are stolen?


  • Yes and No. Of course it depends on the circumstances. If the vehicle is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economic repair. This means that if someone takes your keys and without your knowledge and subsequently takes your vehicle, then your own insurance company will declare your vehicle a total loss and offer you a settlement.
  • However, if you leave the keys in the ignition, the door wide open and then go for a walk to return and find your vehicle gone your own insurance company would simply class this as negligent behavior and therefore your motor insurance wouldn't cover you and neither would we.
  • Please remember that for us to be able to settle whatever the reason, however your vehicle is written off your own insurance company must be happy to settle.

Do you cover named drivers?


  • Yes, as long as your own motor insurance will insure them to drive your vehicle fully comprehensively then they will be covered on your gap insurance policy.

Do you cover learner drivers?

  • Yes, we can cover provisional drivers as long as they are fully comprehensively insured.

Do you need to have been driving for a set period of time?

  • No, there is no qualifying period.

Is there a mileage restriction?

  • No, there is no mileage restriction for how many miles you do once you have bought the policy. Please bear in mind that to qualify for some levels of cover, your vehicle will have to be below a certain age and mileage on the day you buy your gap insurance policy. Simply answer the qualifying questions and our automated system will highlight various levels for you to consider.

If I have a two year old car and buy vehicle replacement, if I claim will I get the cost of a brand new car?

  • No, if your vehicle was a two year old car, you would get the cost of a replacement two year old vehicle which is the same specification and condition as yours was on the day you bought it. Remember at GapInsurance123 we do not physically replace your vehicle, instead you are sent a cheque made payable to you and you alone. After all, the thought of driving the exact same vehicle again may be daunting especially if you where involved in a bad accident. Either way it is your money, shouldn't you be able to decide what to do with it. You could buy another vehicle but equally you could buy a new kitchen or a holiday of a lifetime. It is your money and it is your choice.

Are you policies backed by the financial service compensation scheme?

I am going to put a Private plate on my vehicle 

  • No problem if you already know the number please enter both registrations when you buy your policy or email us as soon as you know that the transfer is complete.

Which policy is best for me?

The is no right or wrong answer as we are all different and want different things. Why not take a few moments and decide what is important to you.

Once you know what you want your gap insurance policy to do you are ready to get a quote or if you still need assistance why not look at our comparison page where you can see how the various levels work and their differences.

Or why not call us on 0800 195 4926 as always we are here to help.

What is a claim limit?

A claim limit is the maximum amount over and above your vehicles valuation on the day it was written off that you will ever be able to claim from your gap insurance policy. When it comes to claim limit more is more so if in doubt look at how much the next claim limit would be. Also if you are considering the maximum 5 years cover you will need to consider a higher claim limit.

  • For example, you buy a £20,000 vehicle and a 5 year return to invoice gap insurance policy with a £15,000 claim limit.
  • Four and a half years later, your vehicle is written off. Your own insurance company pay you the market valuation on the day it was written off, let's say is £5800.
  • In this example, a claim limit of £15,000 means that your gap insurance policy pays the difference of £14,200 to take you back to the invoice price and you now have your £20,000 again.

As a rough rule of thumb, the average vehicle depreciates up to 50% in three years. If you need any assistance with selecting a suitable claim limit, simply contact a member of the team on either 0151 647 7556 | 0800 195 4926.

My Dealership says that if I buy online, I will have problems if I need to claim?

  • Being part of Aequitas Automotive Limited we consider ourselves to be amongst the market leaders in the supply of gap insurance policies to the UK general public. We do not sell cars, mudflaps or mats, we simply specialise in insurance. We wanted to concentrate all of our combined experience in providing gap insurance at what we believe to be the UK's most competitive prices with no compromise in levels of customer service.
  • This means when you need to make a claim too!
  • That said, just like your own dealership it is not us who write the cheque should you need to claim, it is the underwriters. We feel very strongly about looking after customers when they need to make a claim and know that it can be very stressful. 

As such you will see that we have been able to work with our administrators who have committed to certain codes of practice. A full list is in your policy terms and conditions.

Do I have a cooling off period?

  • Yes you have an automatic 30 day cooling off period in which providing you have not tried to make a claim you can request a full refund. No quibble, no drama just a refund, after all we are all human and all change our minds from time to time.

What is the invoice price? Which figure do I use?

  • When you get a quotation please enter the cash price of your vehicle, after any discount but before any deposit or part exchange allowances. Dealership invoices can be difficult to understand, therefore if you are in any doubt why not click or call and we can talk you through it. Remember that your GapInsurance123 policy will cover paint protection and non transferable warranties.

Is the cost of my paint protection covered?

  • Yes, unlike many other gap insurance policies each policy purchased from GapInsurance123 will cover the cost of your paint protection and it is not excluded from any settlement. (please remember to include this in the purchase price) 

Is the cost of my extended warranty covered?

  • Yes, just like paint protection if your warranty is not transferable to your next vehicle the cost will be covered within your claim limit and unlike other providers, it would not be deducted from any settlement.

My vehicle has just been written off what do I do?

  • Please do not accept any settlement from your insurance company, instead simply contact our claims team, who will guide you through the claims process step by step full contact details are on your policy.

How can I pay for my policy?

  • You can pay using our secure payment system using any major credit card. Or if you prefer you can send a cheque. Please note that if you do send a cheque your cover will not start until we have received it. (We do not accept liability for postal issues.) You can also pay by BACS, or bank transfer please contact a member of the team who can provide you with our bank transfer details.

Why are your gap insurance prices so inexpensive in comparison to other providers?

  • There are three main reasons that our gap insurance prices are so inexpensive and not one of them are in any way connected to the
    • service,
    • back up,
    • support,
    • speed of claims payment
    • levels of customer care and satisfaction.
  • If you buy a gap insurance policy directly from your dealership you will be paying a much higher rate of insurance premium tax ( IPT) which is currently 20%. However, through a independent provider such as ourselves, we are charged at the lower rate of insurance IPT.
  • As a UK main supplier, our supply prices are much better than your local dealership.
  • As an internet based company all members of the team are salaried and are not paid any commission.

How quickly do I get my documents?

  • Your documents and receipt for payment are emailed for you to download within seconds of you completing payment. However, as we have a registered business email address, depending on your security settings we can be re-directed to a junk or a spam folder.

Why are my documents emailed and not posted?

  • In order for you to have instant access the policy documentation. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact a member of the customer service team.

Is there an excess I will need to pay similar to my own car insurance?

  • No, there is no excess for you to pay and in fact should you need to make a claim on your gap insurance policy, the underwriters will pay you £250 towards your motor insurance excess.

How do a make a claim?

  • There is a set procedure in your policy documents. In brief you must notify the claims team within 30 days, you can call 0844 8541507 or email [email protected]. They will provide you with a valuation and send you a claim form. You must not accept any settlement from your insurance company at this time. Complete the claim form and send it back with all the relevant documents listed on the claim form. Subject to the claims team receiving this and all necessary information where applicable any settlement will be made directly to your finance company on your behalf and any remaining funds paid directly to you within 14 days of your motor insurers settlement. (please read your policy documents for full guidance).

Remember not all Gap Insurance is the same. Why not get a gap insurance quote and see how easy protecting yourself with GapInsurance123 can be?