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Each GAP Insurance policy will have eligibility criteria, exclusions and terms and conditions; ours does too.

This means that what enables you to get GAP Insurance from GAPInsurance123 may be completely different to other providers. As always, we would request that you read your terms and conditions. After all, knowledge is power, and how can you make an informed choice unless you know what our GAP Insurance covers.

For our policies; 

  • All drivers must be over the age of 18

  • All drivers must have a Full UK driving license   GAP Insurance eligibility

  • You cannot be using the vehicle for certain commercial purposes (e.g. any form of hire and reward, courier, delivery, driving tuition or anything connected to the motor trade) 

  • You can use the vehicle for social, domestic, pleasure and Class 1 business use.

  • You must have bought your vehicle within the last 180 days, or 365 days for a new car where you are the first registered keeper and you have 'new for old' replacement cover with your motor insurer.

  • The price you paid for your car (or the P11d value on a lease) must be less than £100,000

  • You must have purchased your vehicle from a VAT-registered garage or main dealership.

  • You are not be carrying negative equity from a previous finance agreement. This is where you own more on your part exchange than the vehicle is worth. This shortfall is added to your new vehicle finance agreement. We do not provide Negative Equity GAP Insurance currently. If you need this, then simply enter the term negative equity GAP Insurance into a search engine to find out your options.

  • The car can be brand new or used but must be less than 8 years of age on the day that you purchased your policy for RTI GAP Insurance or Lease & Contract Hire GAP Insurance.

  • Your car can be brand new or used but must have less than 80,000 miles on the clock on the day that you purchase your policy for RTI GAP Insurance or Contract Hire & Lease GAP Insurance.

  • Your vehicle must be less than 4 years old and have less than 40,000 miles on the clock to qualify for GAPInsurance123 Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance cover.

  • You are not be using your vehicle for a rally, pace making or competition

  • Your vehicle must be listed in Glass's Guide

  • You must have fully comprehensive car insurance in your name for the vehicle. Your car insurance must also settle in the event of a claim following your vehicle being declared a total loss following a theft or write off.

  • You must be a UK resident.