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The new Focus RS takes a bow in Geneva

Ford have now unveiled their brand new Focus RS addition which was confirmed just one month ago. The new performance based Focus will look to challenge the new Honda Civic Type R when it launches in the summer and will also cast its attention towards more powerful vehicles such as the Golf R range and many more. The American firm took to the stage in Switzerland today to reveal the new equipment to come along with the Focus RS and the new powerful experience that it is set to deliver. Both the RS and ST range are two of the most successful ranges that Ford have on offer and with the next Focus RS, Ford will look to take it to the next level. The brand have today revealed some special features for the new range which will include all wheel drive for the first time. Other additions will also help the Focus RS to bring the fight to some tough competitors.


New equipment and power sources for the Focus RS

So first up on the agenda today is of course the power source that is set to come along with the new model. At the cars grand reveal today. Ford revealed that they have fitted a 2.3 litre, Ecoboost engine into the new RS which as you may have expected is completely turbocharged. Hitting out at over 316 brake horse power thanks to the paring with a six speed manual gearbox as standard. Ford have made big mechanical changes to the car which see all wheel drive being used and a brand new 'drift' system also is used which allows power to be sent to certain wheels.

The new Focus RS was shown in a Blue design which looked more bright due to the fact it was under a spotlight but it also looks like a matt finish has also been included. Large flaring in the wheel arches, RS badging on the bumper and multiple colour designs including White,Black and Grey are all on offer. As you would expect from a sporty vehicle, the Focus RS is also loaded with some of the best and most up to date gadgets which include Brembo brakes, 19 inch alloy wheels and a built in sat nav. Recaro seating has also been confirmed but the standard seating will be sports style seats whereas bucket design Recaro seats are optional extras.


When does the Focus RS go on sale?

Well if you have liked what you have seen with the new Focus RS, that is certainly good but you are in for a little wait unfortunately. The car has been confirmed for launch in 2016 but in some good value for money, the RS will go on sale under the £30,000 area. More information to be revealed on this closer to the time of launch.