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Honda voluntary recalls-Aston Martin's future-New Porsche Cayenne technology

We have all heard about the chaos that has came from Takata air bags over the past year. Many manufacturers have been affected including both Lexus and Honda aswell as many many more. The fault has occurred with airbags firing shrapnel into the face of drivers and passengers which has led to accidents, injuries and unfortunate fatalities. The problem still exists today with the Takata CEO also stepping down from his position a number of months ago. Companies are still recalling vehicles over the issue which has reached the millions area but now Honda have taken it to the next level by offering a voluntary vehicle recall if drivers think their car may be affected. Honda are launching a new multimedia campaign which will span across radio advertisements, internet advertisements and television and has been used to increase the awareness of the problem and how serious it can be. Honda will officially launch the campaign from this coming Monday.


Porsche models receive new technology

Are you the owner of a Porsche vehicle and to be more precise either a Cayenne diesel,Cayenne Turbo or Cayenne S?. Then there is some great news waiting for you and that is that these cars are all set to be fitted with the new performance start button. The piece of kit will be made available with what the brand have called the Sports Chrono Package. The idea behind the button is reasonable simple, a push of the button helps the car to boost performance straight from the get go. The new button along with the package is available for all of the listed vehicles badged as a 2015 model.


Aston Martin speak of their future plans

Aston Martin have come out with their plan for the future in the range of their vehicles for the road. The brand have stated that for the foreseeable future they are going to be sticking to their guns by only including V12 sized engines and manual transmission systems for their range. This combination has proven to bring success to the company over the years so it would make sense that the firm don't change anything just yet. The company was recently taken under the wing of new head Andy Palmer who has also confirmed more exciting news for fans. The development of a new twin turbocharged V8 engine from AMG is going to make its debut in two years. Palmer confirmed that the new engine would be placed underneath the bonnet of a new Vantage model.


Aston Martin are certainly proving to be just as big now as they have ever been. With such combinations that have brought them phenomenal success over the years ,Aston Martin will be looking for this to remain by keeping what brought them to the dance.