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What to expect from next weeks Chicago Motor Show

Next week will hold the annual Chicago Motor Show which since 1992 has proven to be one of the most eventful and jam packed motoring events on the calendar. It only happens once a year and is the last stop before the Geneva Show in March. This year looks to bring much excitement from vehicles that we know are going to be displayed and we can also expect to see some surprises aswell. In our preview of the event today, we are outlining some of the most exciting of the new models to be displayed when the show kicks off next week and we see three car brands in total represented in our preview today. Spanning from Kia to Land Rover, this is your look ahead at what is to come at the Chicago Motor Show next week.

Land Rover will reveal a full line up next week of their new model range for the 2015 market. The British firm have revealed that they will have a vast number of new models on display on their stand. There will be six new models on display which will consist of the new Range Rover Sport,the Range Rover Evoque,the Land Rover Discovery Sport, the new Range Rover, L1 and L2 models. One of the most exciting from that entire line up of course if the Range Rover Sport. This seven seater power hungry machine will go down as one of the quickest SUV models on the road and will travel for just 4.5 seconds before hitting 60 miles per hour from the get go. Very impressive indeed for an SUV. The new Discovery Sport which made a grand entrance into the LA Motor Show last year on a floating barge will also be an attention grabber. Again being a seven seater much like the SVR,it will pack a two litre, turbocharged engine.


Kia with their electric SUV

Kia look to make history by revealing their new electric SUV model in its concept form next week. The news of this model only broke out today and although details of the new EV are somewhat limited right now there is a good chance that the new model could go on sale further down the line. The new model has been announced to run on an all wheel drive platform and the company have revealed a teaser image of the new model displaying similar features of the Soul. News regarding the production of the car remains unconfirmed so it will be interesting to see the kind of reaction that the electric SUV achieves when it goes on display next week.


The Toyota Avalon to be revealed in the flesh

Yesterday Toyota revealed a teaser image of what appears to be their brand new Avalon model. They have also confirmed that the car would be revealed for the very first time from the Chicago Motor Show next week. The new image shows the car with a dark background and even though a lot of new features have been covered up for now, we can still make out two of the big new features which are LED lighting and the raised front grille. Toyota are for now remaining silent on the engines and other specifications to come along with the updated Avalon but we would expect that the same engine choices would be carried over potentially containing some minor tweaks. New interior additions and exterior features will also expect to be included. For now though it is a waiting game until its appearance in Chicago.