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The final Ford Fiesta rolls off the production line today

The Final Lap: Celebrating the Ford Fiesta as it Crosses the Finish Line

In the grand theatre of automotive history, few models have played as enduring a role as the Ford Fiesta. For nearly fifty years, this iconic supermini has been a familiar sight on our roads. It's continued popularity being a testament to Ford's engineering prowess and ability to stay at the forefront of motoring.


Today, however, marks a poignant moment in this illustrious narrative. The last ever model of the Ford Fiesta is rolling off the production line, bringing the curtain down on a remarkable era.


A Stroll Down Memory Lane


The Ford Fiesta first made its debut in 1976. It came as the world saw oil prices soar. The public demand was for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.


Ford's response was a compact car that combined practicality with performance - the Fiesta. It was an instant hit, winning over motorists with its sleek design, economical operation, and affordable price tag.


Over the years, the Fiesta has undergone numerous transformations, each generation reflecting consumers' changing tastes and needs.    The end of the Ford Fiesta


From the boxy design of the first-generation model to the sleek contours of the latest versions, the Fiesta has always managed to stay ahead of the curve, setting trends rather than following them.


In the UK, the Fiesta's popularity was nothing short of phenomenal. From 2009 to 2020, it reigned supreme as the best-selling vehicle, a record that speaks volumes about its appeal.


Even today, the Fiesta remains a favourite among motorists. The model has seen 15,359 units registered until the end of June in the UK. The Fiesta remains within the Top 10 best sellers for 2023.  


The Fiesta's Lasting Impact


The Fiesta's legacy extends far beyond its impressive sales figures. It played a pivotal role in shaping the small car segment, proving that compact vehicles could deliver on style, comfort, and performance. Its success challenged the notion that bigger is better, paving the way for the popularity of the superminis we see today.


Even as production stops, the Fiesta remains a sought-after model in the used car market. Its enduring appeal is a testament to its timeless design, reliable performance, and the fond memories it has created for its owners. The Fiesta may be leaving the production line, but its spirit lives on in the millions of models that continue to grace our roads.


The Road Ahead


Despite its enduring success, Ford announced last October that it would end Fiesta production. This decision was not a reflection of the Fiesta's popularity but rather a strategic move to align with the shifting landscape of the automotive industry.


As the world moves towards a greener future, Ford is planning towards electric vehicles. This has seen significant changes in its production facilities.


The Cologne plant, where the final Fiesta model is being produced, will transform to accommodate the production of electric vehicles. This shift clearly indicates Ford's commitment to sustainable mobility and its determination to lead the charge in the electric vehicle revolution.


A Fitting Tribute


In a fitting tribute to the Fiesta's legacy, Ford has kept the last two models that roll off the production line. One will remain in Germany, while the other will be shipped to the UK to join Ford's heritage collection. These models serve as a poignant reminder of the Fiesta's remarkable journey and its enduring impact on the automotive world.


These final models are more than just cars; they are symbols of an era that has shaped the automotive industry. They represent the countless memories created by Fiesta owners, the milestones achieved, and the challenges overcome. They are a testament to the Fiesta's indomitable spirit and enduring appeal.


Goodbye to the Fiesta


As we bid farewell to the Ford Fiesta, we are not just saying goodbye to a car model. The Fiesta is an icon in automotive history.


And whilst the Fiesta is not bowing out at the top exactly, it still remains one of the most popular models in the UK today.


Its influence can be seen in the design and performance of modern superminis, in the memories of those who have owned a Fiesta, and in the lessons it has taught the industry.


The Fiesta may have crossed the finish line, but its spirit continues to drive us forward.


Written 7/7/23, written by Mark Griffiths