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Aston Martin's Electric Leap: Partners with Lucid for Future EVs


British luxury carmaker Aston Martin has announced a strategic partnership with the U.S. based electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Group.


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Aston Martin's journey towards electrification, setting the stage for a future where luxury and performance meet sustainability.


Aston Martin's Electric Vision


Aston Martin, a name synonymous with luxury and high-performance vehicles. Now it is gearing up to redefine its legacy in the era of electric mobility.   Lucid Aston Martin EV deal


The cornerstone of this transformation is developing an all-new, in-house electric vehicle platform.


But Aston Martin isn't going it alone.


The British automaker has enlisted the expertise of Lucid Group, a rising star in the EV space, to power this ambitious project.


Lucid's advanced powertrain and battery technology will be at the heart of Aston Martin's new EV platform. This collaboration will enable Aston Martin to create a bespoke Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform to underpin a range of future products.


From hypercars to sports cars and SUVs, Aston Martin's future lineup promises to bring the brand's signature luxury and performance to the electric vehicle market.


The Lucid Connection


Lucid Group, a California-based EV manufacturer, has been making waves in the industry with its innovative technology and design. Lucid will supply current and future powertrain and battery technologies to Aston Martin as part of the partnership.


This collaboration is more than just a technology exchange; it's a strategic alliance that sees Lucid acquiring a roughly 3.7 per cent stake in Aston Martin.


The deal's financial aspects involve Aston Martin issuing about 28.4 million new ordinary shares to Lucid and making phased cash payments totalling approximately $232 million.


Aston Martin has committed to spending at least a $225 million on Lucid's powertrain components. An additional $10 million is earmarked for integrating Lucid's technology into its vehicles.


Mercedes' Continued Role


While Lucid may be the new player in Aston Martin's journey towards electrification, Mercedes-Benz remains a key partner. An amended agreement between the two companies ensures that Mercedes will continue to provide Aston Martin with access to its engine and EV technology.


However, Mercedes will not increase its stake in Aston Martin as planned, maintaining its current position of around 9.4 per cent.


Shared Interests


The partnership between Aston Martin and Lucid Group is not just a meeting of minds but also a convergence of shared interests. Both companies count Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) among their shareholders.


The Saudi wealth fund, which became Aston Martin's second-largest shareholder last year, also holds a significant stake in Lucid. This common link could influence the direction and depth of the partnership between Aston Martin and Lucid.


Looking Ahead


Aston Martin understands the future is electric, and the company has already given us a glimpse of what's to come.


The automaker has announced plans to launch a full-electric car in 2025, marking a new chapter in its illustrious history.


Also on the horizon is the Valhalla plug-in hybrid hypercar, unveiled in 2021 and now expected to hit the roads in 2024.


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The partnership between Aston Martin and Lucid Group is more than just a business deal; it's a statement of intent.


It signals Aston Martin's commitment to embracing the future of mobility and Lucid's ambition to be a key player. As the automotive industry shifts towards electric vehicles, such collaborations will be crucial in shaping the landscape.


For Aston Martin, Lucid, and the broader industry, the road to electrification promises to be an exciting journey filled with innovation, challenges, and opportunities.

By combining Aston Martin's legacy of luxury and performance with Lucid's cutting-edge EV technology, the two companies are poised to create vehicles that are not only sustainable but also embody the pinnacle of automotive excellence.


It's a bold vision, but if there's one thing that Aston Martin and Lucid have proven, they're fearless in pushing the boundaries.


The electrification of Aston Martin is not just about creating electric vehicles; it's about redefining what an Aston Martin can be. With Lucid's technology, Aston Martin's electric cars will be sustainable and deliver the high performance and luxury that customers have come to expect from the brand.


It's a new chapter in Aston Martin's history and promises to be exciting.


In the end, the partnership between Aston Martin and Lucid is about more than just creating electric vehicles. It's about shaping the future of the automotive industry. It's about proving that luxury and performance can go hand in hand with sustainability.


And with companies like Aston Martin and Lucid leading the way, that future looks brighter.


Published 26/6/23, written by Mark Griffiths