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Volkswagen Caddy updates-Renault Koleos replacement-Infiniti QX30

We all know about the new Kadjar model from Renault which is all set to go on sale and be the companies next addition into their SUV range. The vehicle has much hype behind it and could be a car that could knock the Qashqai of the top spot in the SUV division although according to Renault that is not their plan. The Koleos however is an SUV that Renault have had on offer for the past eight years but although it has proven to be a good runner, it does not sell all that well on the European market. It seems now however that Renault could be working on a newer model to replace it in the future potentially around the time of 2017. The word on the street is that the company are working on a model that will be longer and wider than the current Koleos and will look more appealing too. The Koleos appears in the same division as the Espace which is one of the main vehicles for Renault. It is difficult at this stage to tell what the firm will do with the Koleos to maintain a steady rate of sales in the future and to help the Espace still benefit in the division too.


Volkswagen update their Caddy van for 2015

Volkswagen have revealed a lot of information for their brand new Caddy van which is all set to go on sale later this year. The company have revealed the new minor changes that come as a part of the exterior design and have also outlined interior features and the engine that also comes fitted to the van. Minor changes are located outside of the van with redesigned bumpers,tinted windows and new headlight design styles. A brand new two litre diesel engine has also been included with the Caddy which is available in three different power outputs ranging from 74 to 148bhp. The inside of the car is where it excels the most though. We see the interior cabin receive the biggest transformation as the use of a flat bottom steering wheel,a redesigned dashboard and a brand new infotainment system also finds a place inside the 2015 Caddy. Of course VW will also offer this Ford Transit rival with a few optional features that boost up the price including an emergency braking system,adaptive cruise control and reversing cameras as just some of our favourite highlights. The new Caddy is expected to go on sale around the June time of this year but as for how much the new model will go on sale for remains unconfirmed at this moment in time.


Infiniti reveal more on the new QX30

The brand new QX30 is set to be a compact crossover vehicle from Nissan subsidiary brand Infiniti. Our very first taste of the car will arrive from the Geneva Motor Show which will take place next month but fear not, you wont have to wait that long to see the car as the firm have today revealed some new information regarding the specs of the motor prior to its debut. There is no news as to when the car will go on sale but it is believed that production on this vehicle which previously stood out as concept model will begin from this year. The platform used in the car will share the same of that found on the Mercedes MFA and we now know that two litre petrol and diesel engines will also be on offer with the new QX30 from the time of launch. The car has been sighted testing last year but under disguise hiding some of the new features of the vehicle. A 2016 launch date for the QX30 is expected and it could prove to be an ideal rival for the Audi S3.