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The new Kia Cub Concept

Teaser shots were revealed earlier in the week of the new CUB Concept from Kia, which was revealed at the home motor show of the brand in Seoul. The new concept was based on the same compact chassis platform as the Soul model and is a four door coupe, with a set of pillarless doors and a rather striking exterior design. 

The Concept was overseen by the design director and President of Kia, Peter Schreyer, who has claimed that the smooth styling of the model has been inspired by the Kee Concept from 2007. 

The model however looks rather a lot meaner than the Kia Soul, it has 19 inch alloy wheels and the most recent tiger mouth grille interpretation which has a slimmer look than before and an intake on one side to feed the GDI 1.6 litre turbo engine from the Procee'd GT which produces 201 brake horsepower. Innovative features included on the model are a set of rear opening doors and a set of turning vanes that stick out of the side sills and have been designed to add definition to the shape of the vehicle. The interior of the model has the same design quality as the Kia Provo concept, which was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. 

There is a new safety feature with the model that monitors the biorhythms, through patches on the steering wheel and touch sensitive climate controls also add to the luxurious feel of the car. There is even a special camera which will allow the driver of the car to gesture commands to control the infotainment of the vehicle. How close the new technology is to being put into production cannot be said yet though the US designer for the brand Tom Kearns has said that he was extremely serious about turning Soul offshoot models like the Track'ster and this particular concept into a reality as part of the new direction for the brand.