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The New BMW i3

The New BMW i3


Due to the recent success of the electric car, BMW have decided to rival the likes of the Nissan Leaf with a model of their own in the form of the i3 model. The i3 model will be the first of the BMW electric range to be released.


There has been numerous incentives for the everyday motorist to go out and buy a new car and in 2012 they did. The Nissan Leaf is currently the best selling electric vehicle in the world and BMW will look to knock it off the top spot. The Nissan Leaf model has been expecting competition from all manufacturers and that is exactly what it has got from this year onwards.


Nissan themselves have responded to the developments at Mercedes and BMW by making over 100 changes to the new Leaf model which is due for release in 2014. The UK Government have offered a £5,000 grant to all those purchasing an electric vehicle as they look to reduce the emission levels. The Government have also put pen to paper as it will look to invest a considerable amount of capital in the development of the electric car infrastructure.


Parliament will look to put plans into action that will see over £9,000,000 invested in building charge stations across the country. The addition of charge stations to park and ride facilities across the country will be a major development for the electric car industry and may be something that will determine the future of the roads of the UK.


The BMW i3 will look to advantage of the developments in the UK as the model is due for release at the end of the month. It is believed that the i3 model will be priced in the region of £30,680. However, with the UK grant of £5,000 the model will be available from £25,680. Whilst BMW insist that the i3 model will be on sale by the end of the month, the delivery date will be in the first week of October.