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The grand reveal of the Honda RC213V-S has arrived

Honda have revealed their brand new RC123V-S model after months of anticipation. The new motorcycle is said to be the closest thing to a Moto GP replica motorcycle to make its way onto the public road and is also set to be one of the most expensive motorcycles that the brand have to offer. After weeks of images teased and information being revealed, Honda have today come out and let out all of the information you could possibly want to know about the brand new model. The reveal of the bike played host to specification and performance statistics and it is safe to say, we are very impressed. Honda confirmed today that 156.8 brake horse power will be delivered from the bike for the standard model where as if you choose to fit the optional track package for closed tracks then the bike will give out 212 bhp.


How close is the RC213V-S to the real deal?

As we stated earlier, this is the closest thing you will experience on the road to that of a Moto GP motorcycle. The similarities are almost identical except Honda have had to make every attempt to make the bike road legal which includes adding a catalytic converter and a silencer for the exhaust in order to make the bike legal for the road. The bike carries the Red, White and Blue Honda Racing Corporation colours and is also equipped with two golden front forks. It also has a large twenty litre, fuel tank capacity. Hydraulic disc brakes are also used on both the front and back end of the bike to deliver on the smoothest riding experience yet.

In terms of competition for the RC213V-S, there is not much we could set our sights on when it comes to rivalling a replica of a Moto GP motorcycle however, we would say the closest thing to it would be the new H2 Ninja model from Kawasaki which has been turning a lot of heads over the past two years.


What price tag was revealed for the bike?

At first we thought that a cost of around the £115,000 area would come along with the new machine but today Honda made the announcement that the price tag will come in slightly higher than this figure and will be available at a cost of £137,000 in total which works out at 188 thousand Euros in Germany which was revealed and gives us our closest idea to the bikes price yet. The RC213V-S is certainly one of the most high tech and updated models that Honda offer but is it worthy of the price to come along with it?. Let us know what you think about the brand new RC213V-S.