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The end is near for Chrysler

Big news has emerged over the past twenty four hours which could cause quite a stir here in the United Kingdom. The Chrysler brand have announced that they will stop selling vehicles in the United Kingdom and they will be phased out from the country over the course of the next two years. The brand are set to completely disappear from the market here in the United Kingdom by 2017. The 300C is a vehicle which has already been let go off here in the UK and the Grand Voyager model has also been axed from the market. This means that the only car left in the companies range is the Ypsilon which is set to receive a 30th year anniversary model as revealed this week. Now it makes sense as to why Asia is the only primary market the car will be aimed at. The reason behind the dropping of the brand is due to the lack of sales that the firm have been doing here in Britain.


How does the axing of Chrysler affect other manufacturers?

Chrysler at one time were a prime rival for some of the biggest named car makers in Britain but with them now being withdrawn from the market could this affect rivals in any significant way?. One of the companies best selling cars an the only model left on UK shores is of course the Ypsilon as mentioned earlier and in the past we have seen cars such as the the Fiat 500 and the Fiesta from Ford go head to head with it. With Chrysler now withdrawing from the market this of course leaves room for the 500 and Fiesta to continue dominating car sales much like the Fiesta did last year. This would certainly open up the doors to other companies to launch new city car segment vehicles and suv models that have one less manufacturer to worry about. This is some sad news as Chrysler were at one time one of the most loved manufacturers on the market.


Farewell to the Chrysler brand

Chrysler are a company who were founded by the Fiat group and they have been selling their vehicles here on the European market since 1967. So after such as prestigious time on the UK market, it is to be a fond farewell from the Chrysler brand as they say goodbye after forty eight years on the market.