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Renault make their mark on the Geneva Motor Show

Renault have today appeared under the bright lights of the Geneva Motor Show as they have finally revealed their new Kadjar SUV model and have also confirmed brand new updates for the Renault Zoe. In our round-up from Renault here today we have both of these topics covered. First up on our list though is the Zoe electric vehicle in which the company have made updates to. The Zoe is considered to be one of the best electric vehicles on offer around the world right now and has certainly held its own when it comes to taking on competition from the likes of the Nissan Leaf. With the Leaf being one of the cars biggest rivals on the road, it only makes sense that Renault would look to update the Zoe and with updates that it has been given , we could very well see the popularity of the Zoe continue to sky rocket.


Renault Zoe updated

If you're looking for visual changes with the Zoe then you are out of luck but what has been done is even more impressive. The firm have today revealed that from one single charge, the EV will now be able to travel even further. This means that a 146 mile round trip can now be achieved from a full charge. This means an increase by nineteen miles compared to the 127 miles it used to be able to achieve. Better designed batteries have also been included with the range and as if that wasn't exciting enough, the charging time for a full charge on these batteries has now also been reduced by a figure of ten percent. The Zoe is certainly a strong choice for EV fans which was clearly demonstrated by ten thousand sales in the cars very first year on the market. With these updates brought into play, we could potentially see this figure increase if not double.


The new Kadjar unveiled

Next on the agenda for the French firm was the Kadjar SUV. The Kadjar was first announced last year and since this time we have been gradually hearing more and more about the new vehicle. Today though the waiting game was over as the full range of features was confirmed for Renault's latest entry into the car market. Firstly Renault have confirmed that a total of three engines will be up for grabs with the new Kadjar which will include a 1.5 Dci, a 1.6 Dci and a 1.2 litre Tce. Meaning a choice of two diesels and one petrol on offer. In order to help with C02 emissions and overall fuel economy.

Renault have also included stop start technology which they have stated will be available across the entire range as standard. Renault will offer plenty of choice spanning the range as they have said automatic or manual transmission systems can be opted for and an all wheel drive platform is also a part of the package as an option. The firm will fit their brand new R-Link 2 infotainment system into the car and some magnificent parking assistance components have also been confirmed for the Kadjar with reversing cameras being one of the big highlights. The brand new model arrives on UK roads this year but a price tag remains unannounced at this moment in time.