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Porsche to produce a new car-Audi 2014 sales-Volkswagen's budget brand

Big news coming from the Porsche brand today is that they are all set to produce a brand new vehicle which will hold a strong place as the seventh solid vehicle in the companies line up. No information has been given towards a name of specifications as it is still very early days for this particular model. A seventh vehicle has been given the go ahead for production but the corporate side of the company are still being waited on to make a decision as to more details on the new model. It is very much a mystery car at this moment in time as we do not know what kind of body design the car will carry or where in the companies range it will rest. The brand are also going to develop a new all electric car too so the next few years will be a busy time for Porsche. As soon as we get more information on the seventh model, we will have everything you need to know.


Audi celebrate amazing sales in 2014

Its party time for Audi as this week they celebrate the huge amount of sales they achieved throughout the duration of 2013. Sales statistics for the firm were revealed earlier this year which shown that the company had sold 1.74 million vehicles on a world wide scale. Overall the biggest seller for the company over the year was the Q5 which made up for 261,000 of vehicle sales. This was followed closely behind by the A6. The overall figure shows growth by 10.5 percent compared to sale for the previous year. Audi have said that they are hoping for even more sales for this year as we would expect but it will be interesting to see if the Q5 will be knocked off of the top spot thanks to new vehicle additions such as the likes of the Q7.


Volkswagen's new budget brand

Volkswagen are planning to launch one of their very own budget brands which will see the development of a range of new vehicles in the future. There has been speculation in the past that the VW Group may be close to launching this new brand but the latest is that we may be waiting slightly longer for the launch of the new company. The new brand is still under development for the time being. The reason behind the delay according to Volkswagen is that the team at the company were struggling to manage financially by cutting budgets, something Volkswagen have been doing themselves leading to the cutting of the three door Polo. There is no word on when the new brand will launch but their owners have stated they will provide updates on the process further in the future. The brand will work under Volkswagen much like in a similar way Infiniti do with Nissan and Alfa Romeo with Fiat.