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Porsche Panamera news-Lotus lose out-the Ford GT to return

Figures recently revealed show that for the 2014 year. Lotus have lost £71 million in total. The reason for this vast amount of loss announced by Lotus was due to “weak market conditions,increased competition,cost pressure and fragile consumer confidence”. For the previous year Lotus lost £168 million so looking at the big picture it has been a vast improvement for Lotus but still not great. A reason behind the loss in profits for Lotus could be due to the small amount of global production that the company do compared to some of their competitors on the market. This comes as big news as the firm plan to introduce their brand new Evora models which have also had a crossover model confirmed to be leading the pack in 2015. Lotus look to change the face of their company and profit intake with the new model. Lotus have commented on their plans to bring in more money and success by saying “The priority right now and for the time to come is our cars, we want them to be outstanding. The best advertising for Lotus engineering is the quality,handling and performance of the cars and this first priority”. So do you think that the new Evora range can help pull Lotus back into the top leagues from next year?. Let us know your thoughts.


Porsche say an all electric Panamera is not happening

There has been speculation over the past number of months about the arrival of an all electric Panamera for the new Porsche range. This week the firm have officially shot these rumours down by stating that the car will not arrive. Wolfgang Hatz who is the head of research and development at Porsche said that electric vehicles tend to lose range and performance too fast and with them being a sports car brand, until solutions to these problems have been made,they will not be launching a vehicle of that nature. At the moment Porsche are testing an all electric version of the popular Boxster model but discussions are still on going amongst the firm as to whether or not the vehicle has a strong future for Porsche.


The Ford GT to return in 2016?

The Ford GT was a powerful sports car which was produced for just two years between 2005 and 2006. It was well recognised as being one of the most powerful vehicles that Ford had up for grabs thanks to the standard fitting of a V8 engine unit. The vehicle was in very much high demand and could not supply the amount of interest it was receiving. In some exciting news though, we could be set to see the performance based vehicle make its return to the road in around two years time. If the car is to be brought back it would be done in order to celebrate fifty years since the vehicle officially won the Le Mans endurance championship. Sources have said that a range topping performance car is under consideration for 2016 which would be able to perform efficiently both on and off of the track. This could very well point towards the return of the GT. No news has been confirmed officially via Ford but we really hope this proves to be the case.