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Mclaren Sports Series name update-Vauxhall Corsavan-Brabus C Class wagon

We have heard plenty to tide us over about the new Sports Series addition from the McLaren brand. We do know that the new model will go on display for the very first time from the New York Motor Show next week as confirmed a fortnight ago. Today however after much speculation, the firm have finally put an end to the rumour mill by confirming that the new model will indeed be known under the name of the 570S. The brand have teased a new image of the car before its grand debut from 'The Big Apple' which reveals the back of the car focusing on aero dynamics for the vehicle with the addition of new carbon fibre fittings being shown. The model that was teased in the image is in bright Yellow paint so this leads us to believe that this may be the base colour offered when the car becomes available in showrooms. Other colour options however are expected to be revealed. A twin turbocharged V8 engine will be included with the 570S which will result in 562 brake horse power produced overall.


The new Vauxhall Corsa van goes on sale

Vauxhall have taken some styling ques from their popular Corsa city car and have now carried it over to a new van model which is as you may have guessed being called the Corsavan. We are pleased to inform you that the new model has now gone on sale here in the United Kingdom and the firm have confirmed that the model is priced from £10,995. There are different engines confirmed for the van with entry models carrying the fitting of a 1.2 litre petrol engine. Your alternative choice however which is expected to be the more popular choice is the diesel engine which carries a capacity of 1.3 litres. Other updates have been brought forward with the model too which consists of a redesigned chassis meaning there is much improvement on overall stability of the vehicle. With this model being a van you can also expect it to carry more weight which is exactly what it does. A total weight of 571 kilograms can now be carried by the van. If you're wondering what the vehicle looks like, just imagine the latest Corsa with a wider back end and you have your image.


Brabus do work on the Mercedes C Class wagon

We all know the 'Brabus' tuning company for the work that they have carried out over the years on some of the worlds most popular Mercedes Benz models. Now though we can confirm that the company have been hard at work once again. This time they have decided to try their hand with the C Class wagon model that the German firm have on offer. A range of familiar updates that we have seen from Brabus before find a place with the updated model including multiple new wheel designs which include the likes of eighteen inch wheels which can be chosen in nineteen or twenty inch sizes too. There are also three big visual changes that have been made to the bodywork of the car and these include the exhaust pipes which now come with chrome trips. An all new rear diffuser has been thrown into the mix and you can also find a new front spoiler brought into play too. A new air suspension system has been included with the updated model which is also adjustable by the driver to suit their driving needs. Moving on to further updates and the engines have also received some updates which means more power is now delivered. 241 brake horse power will now be produced by the petrol engine and you can also find the rest of the engine range giving out upgrades in power. 21 brake horse power is added to the C180 model. The C200 sees a 41bhp increase and the Bluetec diesel unit sees improvements by 35bhp.