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Mazda MX-5 updates-Ford in Detroit-The self driving Audi A8

The brand new MX-5 from Mazda for the 2016 year has been confirmed to be getting the fittings of upgraded visual parts and power rates from British tuning company BBR. Information regarding the visual updates are being worked on right now by the company but a teaser image released by the company show the vehicle being equipped with new side skirting, updates to the exhaust system and the spoiler above the boot. Power is the big talking point at the moment though. The company have released a statement which outlines their plans for the new MX-5 to offer 200 brake horse power. A spokesman for BBR has said “A program of detailed performance enhancements has already commenced at our Brackley base, thanks to our investment in a two litre,Skyactiv powered Mazda 3”.


Ford to make a statement at the Detroit Motor Show next week

Ford will have a strong presence at the Detroit Auto Show next week as they are announcing their brand new projects for the year including a new smart phone app and new self driving vehicle technology. The firm are looking to dominate the headlines though by introducing us to some brand new vehicles. Next week the event will host the introduction of the Focus RS and a new version of the Mustang model. The new updates to the Mustang are expected to be mainly aimed at the American market as the changes affect the new GT350R unit. The Focus RS will certainly hold a strong presence in the UK though. The same turbocharged 2.3 litre engine found in the Mustang is finding a place in the new RS and will see power delivered of 350bhp. The Focus is one of the biggest selling Ford models that the American brand currently offer in the United Kingdom and with the excellent updates that we have seen come to the car over the years and those set to arrive in the future, it is no surprise to see why. We are very excited about Ford and their announcements next week and we will keep you updated with all of the latest auto news to come out of the big event in Detroit.


The Audi A8 and self driving technology

It is no secret that surrounding the buzz behind self driving vehicles recently that Audi are to adopt the technology into their new generation of A8 models. They have shown that the technology can be effective this week by fitting it to the A7 and driving it into the CES show in Vegas. Some new information has however been revealed which shows that the new A8 equipped with the technology will be able to run by itself up to speeds of 37 miles per hour which is just above the average speed limit in the UK. Audi have commented on the future of the vehicle by saying that it will become available by the end of next year with American customers receiving the car one year later.