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Hyundai's new suv receives a name

Hyundai will launch their brand new suv model later this year for the Indian market and it has also been confirmed that the car will reach dealerships globally wherever the brand currently sell vehicles. That means that the new model will go on sale here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of Europe also. That's not all though, the firm have also given us a name for the brand new model which will be the 'Creta'. It has been said that the name comes from the place Crete in Greece. There is no specific meaning behind it for the brand just that they said its a simple name to remember for car fans all around the world but does make people think of the word creative. Hyundai are looking to the new 'Creta' to be a big global vehicle for them and they are hoping to appeal to a much wider fan base and sell a lot of units of the new model all around the world. So how is it that they plan to do that exactly?.


Does the 'Creta' have a chance against rivals?

It is safe to say that it will take something special to get the buyers attention when it comes to selling an suv especially considering the amount of competition that is currently on the road right now. Although engines and some exact specifics are being kept very quiet for the moment, a two litre petrol engine is expected to be offered with the car which could also potentially include diesel options. A hybrid could also be on the cars but has not been mentioned by Hyundai as of yet.

The new 'Creta' is expected to adopt many of the features that have previously been revealed on the firms ix25 concept model which was revealed at the Bejing Motor Show. A lot of these features are expected to be the bodywork design of the vehicle including bumpers and lighting designs. Technology and gadget wise, Hyundai are keeping a lot of this information to themselves for the time being.


How long before we see the new 'Creta' make its debut?

Hyundai have said that the car will go on sale for the Indian market from later on into the course of this year and will also follow around other countries selling their products afterwards. So with this time frame that they are working on, we could very well see the model make a debut from the Frankfurt Motor Show this September and go on sale soon afterwards. We will have more information on the reveal of the car the closer we get to the time.