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Honda Civic 2014


Over the past number of years the Japanese manufacturer has become well known for the Honda Civic model in their line up and this year a number of further additions will be added to the range. With 2014 comes more expected success for Honda with their latest addition to the line of vehicle in the form of the tourer. In terms of look and style of the vehicle itself, it looks pretty similar to that of previous models, but does have that slightly bigger look that a lot of consumers have become accustomed to, when it comes to a touring model of vehicle.


Why is the Honda Civic Tourer 2014 different compared to other models?


One of the main key selling points for any consumer making an investment into a new vehicle is definitely the difference in the vehicle from what they have previously owned. The mass manufacturer Honda likes to mix it up in the hope of hitting sales targets and providing the customer with one of the finest investments they could ever hope to make in the motor industry.


With the new tourer comes a lot of these selling points, so let's see what's new with the model. Well firstly: We have a 1.6 litre four cylinder turbo diesel engine, that is capable of going from zero to 62 miles per hour in a time of 10.1 seconds.


The new tourer model will be going up against fellow Japanese rivals in the form of the Mitsubishi brand. The Mitsubishi brand are set to rival the new Civic Tourer by releasing both the Evolution and the Outlander around the same time. Whilst the Mitsubishi models may not be in the same market as the new Honda Civic Tourer, potential customers may be forced to make the decision between the ever growing 4x4 offerings.


This addition comes with a top speed of 121 miles per hour and is a six speed manual front wheel drive model. This model of the Civic comes 235 mm longer than other hatchback's, which allows for the use of a longer roof on the vehicle and more increased headroom in the interior. DAB radio and alloy wheels as standard.


A key feature of the new Hatch, is that it comes fully installed with three different driving modes, designed to enhance the drivers experience. A six speed manual gearbox comes along with the package and four different sets of trims are available for the consumer to choose from. If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, maybe the wireless bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors will.


When will you get your hands on the touring Civic and for what price tag?


We are pleased to report that we have an official release date of the new Hatchback heading to your nearest local Honda dealership, and it comes your way in December. The pricing of the latest Honda Civic will also launch at the value of £22,960.