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The Honda Civic Tourer 2014
August 12, 2013
Pictures have been revealed of the new Honda Civic Tourer across the internet and details on the boot, which is 1,688 litres. The model will be making it's official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. 

The model has a boot capacity of 624 litres with the seats up, which is 147 litres larger than the Civic hatchback and 218 litres larger than that of the Accord Tourer. If the rear seats are solded, then the space enlarges to 1,688 litres, which is enough to rival some of the most practical vehicles on sale. 

The model is the same width and height as the five door Civic hatch, as well as having the same wheelbase and everything from the B=Pillars to the nose is carried over. Though the designers at Honda have added an extra 235mm onto the rear. 

The tailgate of the car swings up extremely high, which could cause problems in multi storey car parks with lower roofs. Unlike some estates, it cannot be powered electrically, Honda have said that this costs too much to engineer. 

When the bootlid of the model is up, there is a square, wide opening with a loading lip that is 137mm lower than the hatchbacks. Under the floor is a 12 litre storage area, which can be used for storing load cover when it is not required. There is also an 120 litre cubby where you can pop your weekend bags. Other features of the model include a power point, while there is an optional luggage net that can be used if the seats are up or down. 

Though the seatbacks at the rear cannot be flipped down from the boot of the car, the release is in the cabin, the Tourer model does get magic seats from Honda. These allow owners to be able to flip up the rear seatbases and frees space for a wheelchair or a bike. 

On the outside of the car there are flared rear wheelarches, a light bar between the tail lamps and a floating roof with aluminium rails. Also,as the hatchback's split rear screen isn't carried over, there is better visibility. 

The Tourer model was developed and designed between Honda's United Kingdom and German based R & D centres, it will be built in Swindon. 

There are two engine options with the model, the 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel engine, which emits just 94g of CO2 in the hatchback, it wll be available with a manual box, whilst the 1.8 litre petrol engine will come with either manual or automatic transmissions. 

Options for the model include an adaptive damper system, which is a world first, called ADS. This works on the rear axle of the car and lets drivers tweak handling, regardless of what they are carrying, between Normal, Comfort and Dynamic models. Though even if you do not specify this, the normal suspension has been returned with new dampers, springs and front anti-roll car settings which sit somewhere between normal and dynamic on ADS cars. All models will get improved software for steering. 

Honda will be opening the order books in December of this year, with first deliveries taking place in February 2014. Trim levels are set to be shared with the hatchback and whilst prices and specifications will be confirmed officially at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the brand have said that people should expect a similar price difference to the Honda Civic Tourer's rivals. A Volkswagen Golf Estate is £765 more than a Golf hatchback and so the Honda Civic Tourer petrol model is likely to start at around £19,000. 

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