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Ford Mustang popularity-Maserati suv plans-a new engine for future Civic models

This year American manufacturer Ford will make history here in Britain by offering their prestigious Mustang model on European soil for the very first time ever. The Mustang is one of the most prestigious vehicles that the company have ever offered and in some ways it can be a surprise that the car did not arrive on our roads sooner. Just over one month ago now, the order books for the UK version of the car officially opened up and since this time it has been revealed that Ford's website has been receiving a lot of traffic with people viewing the new car. It has been said that over the duration of the past month over 1.1 million people have logged on to the website to check out the new car and have designed their very own in order to see how much the going price for their specific car would come to. Today however we have the information regarding the most chosen specifics by designers. Both Red and Blue were the most popular picks when it came to a colour and the 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine was the most chosen engine unit amongst visitors to the website. It is safe to say that the Mustang is going to be a very popular choice for fans here in the UK. Popularity has already been demonstrated when the car first opened with the first five hundred orders that were all claimed within thirty seconds.


A new engine range for the next Civic generation?

The Honda Civic is without a doubt one of the very best hatchback models that the Japanese company have to offer. It has built a great reputation for itself over the years ever since its initial launch onto the market here in the UK back in 1972. We have since seen the car climb the ladder of success by introducing more and more models including the Type R range which boasts more power from a bigger engine. Lately though amongst companies in the automotive industry, car brands have began to downsize their engine range and the latest reports coming in are that Honda could be looking to do much of the same with their next generation of Civic. There is some speculation that the company may fit a 1.5 litre turbo to their next model. The overall results from such an engine would be better fuel economy and all round better emissions. The news was announced by Yoshiharu Yamamoto who said that these new downsized engines will be the base of some of their vehicles with the Civic also being included. It is of course only days for the moment but it will be interesting to see if this does prove to be the case.


Maserati outline some future vehicle plans

Suv vehicles are all the rage these days and we have seen it prove to be one of the quickest and biggest growing segments that the entire automotive industry has to offer. One company who are also involved in the segment are Maserati. The company are set to launch their brand new Levante suv and lately rumour has it that the company could very well be planning another addition into the same segment that would go head to head with the Porsche Macan. However today the boss of Maserati Harald Wester has squashed these rumours by saying that an suv smaller than the Levante would not be built as the company are not looking to do battle with companies such as Porsche. It's not necessarily that Maserati are concerned by Porsche rivaling them, the Maserati head stated that they just do not want to go any smaller in size than next years Levante.