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Volkswagen and Lotus the Soap Opera Continues.

Volkswagen Group do not do things in half measures and already owns some of the worlds most popular brands such as Volkswagen., Audi, Bentley, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini and Porsche as well as their recent acquisition Ducati and this time it has once again set its sights of Lotus.

In the latest drama a normally reliable source the Reuters news agency as quoted " a source " as commenting on how Volkswagen wants to increase its presence in the South Eastern Asian Markets and sees this as an opportunity".

We hasten to add that the information has not been confirmed or denied by either party. So the logical question would be why would Volkswagen want to buy lotus after all this is not the first time they have tired? The uber brand is world known for flexing its buying muscles and simply buying brands that can help improve the group.

Volkswagen's rampant success in the Chinese markets means that there is more than enough investment ready and waiting to make it happen. So what of Lotus? The engineering side which would again strengthen Volkswagens standing by buying proton Lotus's parent company the owners DRB - Hicom 

Just last week 
DRB - Hicom big wigs confirmed they were still very much committed to making the brand a success and had made a £100m earlier this year with a further £100m next year.

So why not let us know hat you think?

Is the possible purchase of Lotus a good thing for the public and ultimately the brand or simply another opportunity for Volkswagen to buy out competition?