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The BMW 5 Series 2013
June 7, 2013
The latest news on the BMW 5 Series 2013 ahead of it's official launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show has been revealed. The release date for the model is...wait for it, NOW! So you can order one today, with the first cars arriving in the United Kingdom in September. 


The current model is actually the best selling 5 series of all time. BMW has sold over 3,000,000 examples of the 5 series saloon Globally, in the last three years alone, so changes are likely to be rather minimal. The tweaks are mainly in concern with the engines. The 520d saloon and Touring estates are powered by the 181 brake horsepower 2.0 litre turbodiesel engine that is already familiar to BMW customers. The engine now emits 119g of CO2, regardless of whether it is the automatic or manual gearbox. A figure which matches the EfficientDynamics model, which has actually now been discontinued. BMW say that this improvement is all thanks to the improved aerodynamic efficiency that has been inherited from the ED model. A 141 brake horsepower 518d is expected to be joining the line up later on this year. 

The starting price for the 520d SE saloon is £31,530, which is up from the £30,430 price of the current model, whilst the 520d SE Touring costs £33,855 which is up from £32,955. The remainder of the 5 Series engine range, petrol and diesel, is now Euro 6 emissions regulations compliant, though this particular legislation isn't coming into force until September of next year. 

In addition to the engine line up tweaks, the company have also added Sat-Nav and the firm's more detailed colour head up display to all 5 Series models. All of the 5 Series models now get standard Xenon lights as well as full LED headlights as an option. 

Changes in style to the BMW 5 Series models include a new ait intake in the bumper and and brand new tail lights, whilst the Gran Turismo gets a new tailight design which increases space in the boot to 500 litres from 440. 

The Gran Turismo range has a starting price of £37,605 for a 520d SE and £60,010 for the 550i M Sport. 

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