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Fiat 500 with more options

When Fiat embarked on resurrecting many of their model names from the past it did seem quite a bold move. Some models, like the Croma, came and went without even a murmur. However, one model in particular has proved to be an even bigger success than the Italian manufacturer could have dreamed of.

The Fiat 500 has simply taken the UK by storm. As a direct rival to the Mini, it offers a modern twist on a firmly 'retro' car. At GapInsurance123 we have numerous clients who have bought Gap cover for a 500, and with universal praise of the vehicle.

It has been reported that Fiat are expanding the factory options for the vehicle, allowing for an even greater opportunity to make the new car purchase individual to the buyer.

Fiat main franchise dealers have now sold more than 102,000 of the 500 model in the UK, with the addition of new paint and styling options to come.

Fiat has added six new paint finishes ,countrypolitan yellow, new age cream solid paints, groove metal grey, epic blue, chillout purple and idol pink metallics. The interior options have been extended to with chocolate brown/Ivory fabric and grey/black fabric finishes. Later this year a new two-tone leather trim will be available, replacing the current leather finishes.

New 15 inch alloys and a 'short fin' antenna are also now available, to complete the option range.

The Fiat 500 will no doubt continue to be a huge hit with the UK public, with these new options only adding the numbers of adoring fans.