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Volkswagen Polo based SUV-Ferrari 458 changes-Skoda Superb interior revealed

Volkswagen have today officially confirmed that they are in the midst of producing a brand new Sports Utility Vehicle that they are hoping is to have the ability to take on some of the biggest selling SUV models that the car world has to offer right now. Specific details on the production of the vehicle are quite hazy for the time being but one of the biggest highlights to come from the confirmation is that the German firm are set to have the new vehicle run on the same platform that their Polo model does. The car is being classed as a crossover vehicle and an all new Golf SUV vehicle could also be on the cards, it is expected that when these vehicles are produced and put on sale, the vast majority of sales on the cars are expected to be in Europe and South America. Details are scarce right now with Volkswagen remaining tight lipped about what features the car will carry. We will however be paying close attention to this story and as soon as more information becomes available we will have everything you need to know right here at Gap Insurance 123.


Skoda reveal shots of the new Superb

Skoda have brought the excitement of their brand new Superb model to the internet once again. The firm based in the Czech Republic have posted new pictures online which show the interior design setup of their brand new Superb model. This new Superb will go on sale in just a few months and will be displayed next month in Geneva on the Skoda stand. Images of the interior however offer a look into leather fittings on the seats in Brown with the lower part of the dashboard offering much of the same. A built in sat nav system and a multi functioning steering wheel are just some more of the highlights that are the most eye catching. Automatic windows and a centre console placed just below the sat nav can also be seen. A lot of the same features could be seen in the brands previously revealed Vision C concept vehicle which will give you a brief idea of just how well the vehicle is looking.


Ferrari make big updates to the 458 Italia

Italian sports car designer Ferrari have made a host of brand new updates to their 458 Italia model or as it is now known after a name change, the 488 GTB. Ferrari have included a range of new exterior design features which will be seen for the first time from the Geneva Motor Show. The brand know that a lot of their vehicles are loved for the sheer amount of power that they produce and the brand are certainly not letting anybody down with the 488 GTB as they have confirmed a new engine will also come into play for those power lovers. A V8 turbocharged engine carrying a capacity of 3.8 litres is now to be found inside of the vehicle meaning 661 horse power is now produced by the sports machine. A seven speed,dual clutch transmission system has now also been thrown into the mix.

A new multi functioning steering wheel and seats are some new fixtures inside of the car and the new body structure featuring more creases in the design are just some of the note worthy features. Ferrari have also made adjustments to the LED lights at the back end of the car by adjusting the shape. The rear diffuser in the vehicle has also been raised higher with the position of the exhaust pipes also being changed. You can get your first glimpse of these new features first hand when the car goes on display in Geneva next month.