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The three best sellers of 2014

In a special post today we have taken the top three selling vehicles from the 2014 year and we are putting them up against each other to try and decide which car is the best. With three spots being considered, there are just the two manufacturers involved in the top three sales. Both Ford and Vauxhall where the two best selling brands in the United Kingdom over the twelve month period. Today we are checking out some of the specs to come along with the cars, engines and other special attributes which may have contributed to the overall sales of the vehicles over the course of last year. First up on the agenda today is the Vauxhall Corsa.

The Corsa for last year alone saw a number of 81,783 new car registrations placing it as the third best seller in the UK. Offered in both three and five door forms,the Corsa contains Both 1.0 and 1.3 litre engines are now included with latest range of Corsa with turbocharged units also on the cards. With a six speed transmission and altered suspension, the Corsa in 2014 was running smoother than ever. With multiple trim levels on offer and some great pieces of kit such as sports seating, electronic climate control,a multi functioning steering wheel and power assisted steering, the Corsa delivers an excellent driving experience especially when taken into consideration that prices for the range get underway from £8,995.


The second best seller..the Ford Focus

The next car to reach our line up today reached the second best seller of 2014 spot. This is one of Fords entrants into the list and comes in the form of the Focus. It goes without saying that the Ford Focus is definitely one of the best selling cars that Ford has ever offered and this is clearly demonstrated by its position for UK sales last year. The car proved to be that popular that in total it sold 85,140 units in just the UK alone. The Focus is the perfect demonstration of what Ford are doing right. Ecoboost engine technology, a good range of petrol and diesel options and low emissions from their diesel range all make for good choices underneath the bonnet. The latest line up of Focus have received some updates in their interior space and the brand have got it spot on with their technology features by offering the latest Ford SYNC 2 technology which can use voice recognition software to control different functions. A built in eight inch touchscreen also operates a vast range of these features. The Focus bodywork is customisable to suit your needs and is offered with multiple colour choices. The Focus certainly does a good job of delivering to customers needs.


The very best seller of 2014

Now finally it may not come as a surprise to you to see that the Fiesta was the best selling vehicle to go on offer in 2014. The Fiesta is the most successful car on the market for the UK and is officially the best selling car that the United Kingdom has ever seen. The Fiesta claimed the number one position for itself with sales figures of 131,254 clearly dominating the market. The Fiesta in our minds is perfection personified with much like the Focus, it carrying the companies latest in Ecoboost engine technology. Gadget wise the Fiesta is very much up to date with other manufacturers by offering MP3 connectivity and USB connectivity. Again, the Fiesta is offered with SYNC technology which operates in the same manner that the Focus does. The Fiesta is small and compact but Ford have got it just right with the kit and smooth driving experience hence why the car has established itself as the best selling car in the history of the United Kingdom.