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The mystery cars of the Geneva Motor Show

The big event has nearly arrived. With just one day left to go, the big motoring event live from Geneva Switzerland will get underway from tomorrow and will play host to some of the biggest in new car debuts and upgraded models. A range of manufacturers will be on revealing some new models tomorrow and that includes Seat, Suzuki and Lexus. Our post today looks into the teased mystery models that will go on show tomorrow. Our post today though confirms what three of these vehicles are. Mystery cars from Suzuki and Lexus have been leaked early and we have all of the information here. First on the agenda though is car from Seat which still remains somewhat a mystery.


Last week Seat teased an image which shows the front end of what appears to be a new SUV/Crossover model but today another image has been posted online which shows a rear view of the new car. Sporting an Orange paint design and much like the front end, triangular shaped rear lights. It looks that much like the front end of the car, LED lighting is also used at the back too. There is no confirmation that this is a follow up to the IBX model which has been teased or this is a new direction in which the company are taking their range. We will have everything you need to know about the new car right here tomorrow though as soon as the vehicle is revealed in full.


Suzuki mystery solved

Suzuki were planning two new mystery vehicles to debut tomorrow also but earlier today information was revealed on the two vehicles which shown an image that was posted to a social media website revealing the look of the vehicles. The new concept designs have been given the names of iK-2 and iM4. One is a crossover and the other coming in the design of a new city car. The iK2 is a vehicle which is expected to make production by next year and is being rumoured to be a replacement for the current Suzuki Swift. No specification information was revealed along with the images but we will know a lot more when Suzuki take to the stage in Geneva tomorrow.


The Lexus LF SA leaked

Now last but not least was the big tease from Lexus. Teased for the past number of months, the new model from Lexus was teased and was rumoured to be a new addition to the companies city car range that will offer something a little different to what they're accustomed to. Following a leak today we can confirm that this is a new addition into the companies city car segment. Lexus have not confirmed the news directly but it is believed by sources within the company that the LF SA concept will reach the production line within the next few years. Images revealed the concept carrying swept back headlights and a brand new front spindle style grille offering something a little different. LED light strips can also be seen from the back end view of the LF SA. It is also expected that the new model will come in the shape and form of a hybrid. There is no doubt that with this new design, Lexus will be looking to re invent the look of their future range and the new LF SA could very well demonstrate the first step.