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The Mercedes S63 the companies most luxurious vehicle ever ?

Is the Mercedes S63 the company's most luxurious vehicle ever?

Upcoming from Mercedes, who officially launched their brand new S63 model last November, is already an excellent investment for car owners worldwide. Mercedes have consistently delivered when it comes to performance vehicles with the comfort aspect thrown in, too, and we believe that this all-new edition of the S63 is certainly no different. The company has had some genuinely great selling cars from the C Class and AMG models, but what is it about this all-new S63 model that makes it stand out, and why should you choose to invest in this model?


The Techs, specs, features and gadgets of the Mercedes S63

As we said, this all-new S63 model certainly carries the performance and comfort aspect in today's car industry, and this all-new model could very well go on to have great success in the future. So what went into the S63 during its time on the production line? We see the warmly welcomed additions of a 5.5 litre V8, Twin-turbo engine that produces a whopping 576 units of brake horsepower and will therefore hit top speeds of 155 miles per hour, 0 to 62 mph sprint taking only 4.4 seconds. The car is available in a rear-wheel-drive format and comes complete with a seven-speed automatic transmission system.   Mercedes Benz S class


When it comes to the design of the vehicle, it's clear that Mercedes have pulled out all the stops. The S63 boasts a luxurious and sleek exterior, with an impressive grille and prominent Mercedes badge. The car is available in a range of colours, but our personal favourite is the 'designo Diamond White Bright'. Moving to the interior of the vehicle, and it's clear that this is where Mercedes have really excelled themselves. The cabin is comfortable and spacious, with high-quality materials used throughout. The seats are supportive and offer plenty of adjustability, meaning you can find your perfect driving position. There's also an excellent infotainment system on board, which is both easy to use and packed with features.


Regarding the more noticeable features of the car and some added pieces of equipment you can expect at the time of purchase. You can expect to receive Leather Massaging seats, LED headlights, a built-in sat-nav system, and an AMG styling setup, and to finish the car off nicely; you will also see the inclusion of 19 inch forged alloy wheels thrown in as part of the package. With these advancements in technology and performance, we believe this model will be a big-time player amongst other top car brands such as Audi and Porsche.


How much will the Mercedes S63 cost?


With such great features and some significant steps in technology with this model, it is no surprise that the model comes with an official price tag of £119,565 and is available for purchase from Mercedes dealerships based around the United Kingdom.


When it comes to the value for money, we believe that this model is an excellent investment and one which will serve you well in both the short and long term. The S63 comes complete with a full warranty from Mercedes and there's also a roadside assistance package available, too, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong; help is always on hand.