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The latest from Ford at the Geneva Motor Show

Ford have been having a busy week in Geneva Switzerland this week at the big motor show. In our post today we have the three big stories that have come from the brand which include the revealing of two new models and a particular vehicle receiving some work. First up today we are going to start out with one of the most exciting reveals from the week and that is the new Ford GT which is all set to go on the road from next year.

The Ford GT was originally a concept vehicle before it went on sale in 2005 where production was ended just one year later in 2006. The GT is one of the finest sports cars to ever be put on sale by the brand and we first heard of its revival a number of months ago. Now though the company have revealed the new GT in its production form for the very first time. The news also accompanied the reveal that the model will be sold all around the world which is good news but will only be available in limited numbers. The model will be exclusive to just 250 production models for sale. The GT was driven onto the stage carrying a Metallic Blue finish with a traditional super car look. A smooth aero dynamic bonnet rises both along the left and right sides where the vertical shaped headlights are located. Body creasing at the back above the rear wheel arches will help to boost power for this model and agility. Ford will again continue to use their Ecoboost engine as they insert a 3.5 litre, V6 sized twin turbocharged engine. Ford have confirmed a price tag for the vehicle which works out around £250,000 here in the UK which would see it go on par with a big rival,the Lamborghini Aventador.


The Ford Focus receives RS treatment

The next reveal for Ford came in the form of the new Focus addition which now receives the RS treatment. We know Ford are well known for their RS and ST range and now they are looking to achieve some huge success with the Focus in this form. Jumping straight into the big news, we see that the car is powered by a 2.3 litre, Ecoboost engine carrying 316 units of brake horse power. Another big addition is that the car will now be ran on an all wheel drive platform also. Much in the same way you can find it on other Focus models, a six speed manual gearbox has been included. Electric power steering has also made its return to the Focus to give it a much smoother driving experience. With this in mind, the brand have also focused a lot of their work on the chassis of the car which receives updates with new dampers and the suspension springs have also been tightened compared to its previous model. Now to finish off, the interior cabin is also changed. A leather flat bottomed steering wheel,alloy designed accelerator and brake pedals, Recaro sports seating and the brand new Ford SYNC 2 system is displayed on an eight inch touchscreen which uses software such as voice recognition and is smartphone compatible. An on sale date of 2016 has been confirmed.


The Ecosport is updated

Now last but not least on our Ford round up from Geneva, the Ecosport model is all set to receive some changes. The Ecosport has been chosen to be the next vehicle in line to receive some alterations. The car is sadly set to lose the spare wheel that it carries but this is more than made up for by new styling changes and a range of extra equipment that will now be added to the range. The car is now offered in a new Blue design and a Black roof was also on display to accompany it. Throw in tinted windows, a rear diffuser and a set of seventeen inch alloy wheels and this makes up for the majority of changes to the exterior design. Focusing now on the interior design of the car and we can see that the American manufacturer has now brought into the mix,new material fabrics which are to be used as better sound proofing. The interior light can now also be adjusted to make it just bright enough for you. Rubber sealing has also been used on the pedals to make them less lose compared to previous Ecosport models. Chrome surroundings also find their place inside the car specifically for the window buttons. Now as far as the extra equipment is concerned, Ford now offer what they are calling the 'Winter pack'. This brings in a range of new kit that is designed to make driving easier by warmth. The seats are heated with this addition, as is the windscreen and the door mirrors are also heated. Extra gadgets are to also be available later on in the year which include a personal highlight in the form of the rear view camera included.