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The Ford Focus RS set to return

The Ford Focus RS is back, though the battle for mega-hatch honours is hotter than it has ever been. The return of the the model is massive news, with the rumour of a 350 brake horsepower engine taken from the Ford Mustang beneath it's bonnet, it is one of the very many exciting new mega hatchbacks that are either already on sale, or are due to go on sale over the next few years. Over the years, the American manufacturer have been famous for vehicles such as the likes of, the Focus, the Fiesta and the KA but, will this all new Focus RS model have on offer that will help it hold the edge over these previous addition's to the Ford line up ?.



Some competition for the Ford Focus RS


Whilst the Ford Focus RS model is without a doubt an extremely hot proposition, there are a few more highly anticipated mega hatches on the way aswell, none of which is more hotly awaited than the next Civic Type R model from Honda. This model does not have the power of the Ford Focus RS or some of the other models that will be outlined here, though it's heritage is absolutely fantastic and judging from it's concept, of which spy pictures have been recently spotted across the internet, it has some very eccentric looks too.


Potential rivals for the Ford Focus RS


A lot of these hot hatch models are going for four wheel drive to try and gain faster 0-62 mile per hour times, whilst others, such as the Type R are targeting the front wheel drive lap record of Nurburgring. Currently, the SEAT Leon Cupra holds this record, though Renault is developing its Megane RS model in bids to reclaim this title. Honda is also working to make sure that the next Type R is indisputably the king of front wheel drive by the time it is launched in 2015, until the Ford Focus RS comes on the scene anyway.