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The BMW X1 to be revealed next June

In some exciting news today regarding German brand BMW and one of their new SUV models, the new X1 vehicle has been confirmed and it has been stated that the model will be officially revealed from June of next year by the manufacturer. Some more good news continues to revolve around the X1 also and that is that a range of petrol and diesel engines will go on offer with the vehicle and different variations will be made available in front wheel and four wheel drives respectively. All variations of the car will be formed on the new UKL1 platform which we see come to use in the latest Mini model also. The likes of electrical systems and the chassis on all ranges are also shared with that of the Mini Clubman and the Countryman too.


What engine ranges will go on sale ?


Well the range of choice for when this car sees an official launch next year will consist of the following :

  • A 1.5 litre, three cylinder engine which will put out 136 brake horse power. This version will also be a front wheel drive variant.

  • A 2.0 litre four wheel drive version which will produce 231 bhp.

Regarding the diesel range that the company will provide, we see that BMW have included a 1.5 litre, front wheel drive variant that will develop 114 brake horse power and a 2.0 litre,four wheel drive variant will also come as part of your options with the new X1.


The variant that is expected to sell the most though as far as the diesel range goes, is expected to be the 2.0 litre diesel which will put out a good figure of 148 brake horse power.


Although performance rates are yet to be confirmed for these variants, we do believe that 155 miles per hour will be the speed that these cars are limited to. A 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time of around five seconds is also expected to come as part of the package.


How will this affect the car market for the future ?


Well without a doubt the SUV market is certainly increasing as the years go by. With brands such as Toyota with the RAV4 and Nissan with some of their newer models on the rise can BMW shake them off their tail with the new X1 for next year ?.