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The BMW i3 model

The Production version BMW i3 2014 has been revealed, with prices starting at £25,680. The new BMW model is expected to be released in November of this year. 

The starting price of the BMW is after the electric car grant from the Government, or you can lease the car for three years from £369 per month after a deposit of £2,995. Although the car will not be released until November, customers are able to order the vehicle today. 

The first decision that customers have to make is whether they want to go for the pure electric model or the range extender. The pure electric model uses an 168 brake horsepower motor, with 250 newton metres of Torque to go from 0-62 miles per hour in 7.2 seconds. This is the same time as the BMW 120d M Sport. Top Speed for the model is 93 miles per hour and an 80-100 mile range is claimed from the company from one single charge. 

If there are concerns about the range of the vehicle, then the range extender i3 model could be the better option. It mounts a 34 brake horsepower 650 cc, two cylinder motorbike engine next to the 168 brake horsepower engine, which helps to keep the batteries topped up when the car is on the move. 

When the car has a full tank of petrol, it can extend the range to around 160-186 miles, though the added weight cuts the 0-62 miles per hour sprint time to 7.9 seconds. This i3 model has a starting price of £28,830. 

Charging the model takes 8-10 hours from a standard plug socket, though if you can have a BMW i Wallbox fitted at your house for £315. This will take the model from 0-80% in just three hours. If you find a public DC rapid charger, then the batteries can be topped up in around 30 minutes to an hour.