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Tesla make a big announcement

You may remember that earlier in the week we told you Tesla Motors were to make a big announcement that could very well change the future for the Model S and electric vehicles in general and last night from a press conference at 4pm, we believe this is exactly what Tesla did. The brand took to the stage to make an announcement that as stated by Tesla CEO Elon Musk would end range anxiety for their Model S electric vehicle. The company may very well have just done that. The Model S has become a big focus point for the brand over the years and all for good reason. It is one of the most influential vehicles on the EV market and that is even taking into consideration models from rival brands BMW and Audi too with the e-tron range. During the press conference Tesla also addressed other queries regarding their future vehicle.


What was the big announcement?

So the big thing that is going to change the future direction for the Model S comes to us in the form of a simple software update to the car. The new update is version 6.2 to the cars operating system which will bring in a range of new features. A new 'Range Assurance' system will be able to link up with the nearest charging station to the car and when the driver is some distance away from the charger the car will warn them. A brand new sat nav style system will also give the driver directions to their nearest charging point. The pedal's have also been updated to give a much firmer feel for the driver. Tesla have also introduced what is known as the 'Trip Planner'. This allows the vehicle to direct the driver to charging stations in their area and a phone call to the driver will inform them when the car is charged enough to make it to the nearest station.

That's not all though as the new version 7 update has also been revealed which for the first time brings in new self driving capabilities. Automatic steering technology will come along with this new update. The touch screen system inside of the car will also receive an update with version 7 that will allow the driver to operate the system much easier than they can now.


Further developments from the Tesla press conference

Now finally on the agenda today, another announcement was made by Tesla which involved a future vehicle launch. The brand newModle X model has been confirmed by Elon Musk to be launching from this coming Summer time. For the moment Tesla have not commented on any specifications to come along with the car but we would expect to hear more on the vehicle closer to its official time of launch this year.