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Suzuki reveal their new concepts from Geneva

The Suzuki brand have taken to the stage at the Geneva Motor Show this afternoon to host the grand debut of two brand new concept vehicles. We first got a glimpse of these new models yesterday when images were posted online showing what the cars were. Both concepts were revealed today and have been given the names of the iK-2 and the iM-4. It was stated that these are a crossover range and the second vehicle a city car. These two rumours have been confirmed to be true. However there was a suggestion that the new iK-2 was going to replace the Swift model in the future but today Suzuki denied this news and said that it is not the case. The new iK-2 has been confirmed today to be carrying a one litre,turbocharged engine petrol engine. But in due time, a hybrid version of the car is also expected to join the market. It has also been said that the ride height on this car is higher than that of the Swift which could point towards two totally different vehicles.


The Suzuki iM-4 to be a strong contender?

The second and last concept car revealed by Suzuki today however was the iM-4. This new model is set to be a crossover designed vehicle but will also fit under the 4x4 category. There has been a lot of anticipation behind this particular model which suggested that due to the design structure that the concept had taken, it could very well be the next addition into the firms Jimmy range. Much like they did with the iK-2 though, Suzuki once again knocked down these rumours by denying this rumour. It is true that if you look at the new model it does look very similar design structure wise to that of the Jimmy. The iM-4 will receive some decent equipment however as the Japanese firm confirmed that the model will receive eighteen inch alloy wheels and operates on a four wheel drive platform. The excited news though is that this particular vehicle makes its way to you in the form of a hybrid. This news was broken today by the fact that the engine was confirmed to be a 1.2 litre, dual-jet petrol engine which will be joined alongside by an electric motor.


What are the chances of these new models going on sale?

There is a very good chance that both of these new vehicles will go on sale in the near future. Firstly it is expected that the new iM-4 model will become available from Suzuki dealers around the time of next year. The iK-2 can also be expected to launch next year also. As soon as we have any more news on these on going developments, we will keep you informed.