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Range Rover Evoque convertible-Honda NSX Type R-Tesla Model S

Honda have been making an even bigger name for themselves recently with their all new NSX hybrid super car. The vehicle follows in the footsteps of the BMW i8 which has proven to be a popular choice on the market. With the car making its grand debut in Detroit this week, there is also word going around the a special type R version of the car is to make its debut in the future. We all know that Type R vehicles are a more power enhanced version of standard hatchbacks models and this has been clearly demonstrated in the past by the Civic Type R. The chief engineer of the NSX though has stated that that a type R model is in the companies plans and is set to be introduced at some point in the future. There is currently no time frame on when we can expect to see the car make its arrival but as the time draws closer we will keep you informed with all of the latest goings on with the NSX Type R.


New features for the Tesla Model S

Another Detroit Motor Show news stories now and this time its coming to us from the electric car giants Tesla. The Model S is known for sharing a great electric travelling distance aswell as good all round economy figures. This time though Tesla have decided to work on improvements inside of the vehicle and its comfort to be more precise. The firm have been hard at work on lowering the seats to make more room,a new storage area and heating is also included with the new seat line up. The vast majority of this work has been done to the rear seating section and much in the same way other manufacturers have, the company has now released a new smartphone app which allows the air conditioning in the car and the seat heating to be altered.


The Evoque convertible to arrive?

It was back in 2012 that our first ever taste of a convertible Range Rover Evoque was first revealed. Now here we are three years after the revealing and reports are suggesting that the vehicle is now most likely to reach the production line in the future. It has the same similar features of the traditional Evoque with the slim swept back headlights,two slat front grille,flared wheel arching and chrome plates around the bottom of the front end of the car. Inside of the car we see that Black and Red leather seating has been fitted with race style seats and chrome inserts. A touch screen system and a multi functioning steering wheel has also been included. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet regarding the specifications to come along with the convertible model but all signs are pointing towards a grand launch for the