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ABI Calls for Action

The ABI ( Association of British Insures has warned that riot compensation scheme set up to help victims of the riots has failed too many claimants.

Recent statistics show that a little over half of the claim made for property damage have already been rejected or stopped mid way thorough.

As a direct result the ABI is urgently calling upon the government to carry out a complete review and over hall of the Riot Damages Act (1886) as under this act the police are legally bound to pay out compensation to those affected.

ABI Director of General Insurance Nick Starling said "overall insurance compensation for riot damage to homes, businesses and vehicles was expected to exceed £200m."

The ABI also indicated that far too many people who either had no insurance or where under insured had experienced too many delays and red tape bureaucracy when trying to collect the compensation to which they were entitled.

Not exactly the transparent modern London the UK is trying to portrait ahead of world interest in the Olympics.

Why not let us know what you think are the ABI right to call for an over hall of the act?