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Porsche 911 GT3 RS specs leaked-MG million pound showroom-JLR US expansion

The 911 GT3 RS is a very much anticipated vehicle to be produced by Porsche which will focus more on track based power than that of the standard 911 model. However though some news has emerged which reveals a leaked document showing the overall performance figures that will come along with the new 911 GT3 RS. All power for the car will be directed from a four litre, flat six engine. The image revealed though shows that thanks to the updated engine, we will see power produced by the car of 500 brake horse power which means a 7bhp increase compared to the current standard model. A seven speed automatic PDK transmission system is also listed on the sheet as standard which means that for you manual fans out there there will be no option unfortunately. Six piston brakes are also revealed for the front end of the car whilst the back end are carrying four pistons. Both magnesium and carbon fibre materials are also announced for the bodywork therefore shedding weight making the GT3 RS more dynamic and agile. The new 911 is certainly looking to be something special and there are of course still features we don't know about the car but will find out at the vehicles debut in Geneva Switzerland next week.


A new million pound MG showroom opens its doors

MG have opened up the doors of a brand new showroom which cost a total of £1 million to develop. The brand new showroom has been opened here in the United Kingdom in the Telford area and it also benefits from an aftersales base located in the Shrewsbury area. The new showroom developed covers an area of 180 square meters in total and is hoped to bring more custom to the brand in the United Kingdom to help them to maintain the level of success that they had attained throughout the year 2014. MG's managing director here in Britain had the following to say on the new showroom and the future of MG in Britain. “It's great to be a part of the new MG success story,we've invested heavily with more than one million pounds being spent on new showrooms and workshop bays and we have every confidence in the brand for the future”.

Jaguar Land Rover to expand production to the United States?

We all know Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are well associated with the companies manufacturing plant in Halewood Merseyside right here in the UK. Jaguar Land Rover are one of the most recognised and well known car companies in the whole of Britain and have been for many years. They are responsible for some of Britain's biggest selling vehicles including the Evoque, Range Rover Sport and of course the F Type all of which were produced in the UK. Rumours were stated in 2014 though that suggested the brand could be looking to expand to the United States of America by creating a factory over there. Information was quite scarce at the time but now thanks to the former boss of Tata Motors the news was confirmed that the British form are indeed on the lookout for a new plant in North America. This news follows a chain of new openings for JLR and their factories with the UK receiving another addition and Brazil also opening up too. Could an expansion to the United States be that move that put JLR even higher up in the rankings for the future?.