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Motorists and the Battle With British Conditions

As the majority of Britain continues to fight and battle with the conditions, the AA has released a statement criticising motorists who take to the road without removing any snow or ice from the body of their vehicle alongside the release of the winters top 10 worst cars.


The motoring organisation has labelled the issue as the “igloo mentality” and as the first four days of the heavy snow came to an end, they had received over 500 claims in the insurance department of the organisation. Of that 45% were related to the snowy conditions as accidents involving snow and ice tripled compared to the snowy conditions last year.


The director of AA Insurance has stated that the majority of the drivers overreact in the snowy and icy conditions, as drivers in a swift rash movement turn the wheel and slam on the brakes. The correct way to react to the loss of control of the vehicle is to simply take your foot off the accelerator and react as appropriate in terms of controlling the steering wheel.


Warranty Direct have released what they think are the winters top 10 worst cars and you may be surprised. At 10 is the Volvo XC70, which you would expect to do well in the icy conditions having come from the somewhat capital of snow land Sweden.


At position 9 is the Renault Espace, which may not come as a surprise to yourself having been likened to a room on wheels in many reviews. At position 8 is the Vauxhall Signum and at position 7 is the first of the Audi models in the list.


The Audi Q7 is the first of three Audi models in the list which will come as a shock, as the German brand has built a reputation on the quality of the build alongside reliability of the models. However, Audi has not received the best press recently having also featured in the top 10 least reliable engines.


The Audi A8 comes in at 4th worst on the list and more surprisingly at 3rd is the Audi Allroad model. The Audi Allroad is a favourite for celebrities and land owners a like and has been labelled as the comfy land rover. But, clearly the Allroad does not come with the ability of a Land Rover.


At the top of the list is the biggest surprise in the Mercedes Benz CL. Although, it may be a surprise to us here at Gap 123 and maybe yourself, the Mercedes Benz has received the most complaints over the last few years for problems not just in the winter but all year round.