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Mini to cut Roadster and Coupe-BMW I5 or I7-Lexus LF-SA

It was a vehicle range that has been speculated to be phased out recently and Mini have now officially confirmed the news that they will indeed be getting rid of their Coupe and Roadster models in the future. Mini have stated that there will be no direct replacements for both models and there is no word as of yet to when the company are looking to have these models stopped. The idea is that both vehicles will be gradually phased out as production will stop at the companies plant in Oxford. The reason why production is ending is that both vehicles have just not proven to be as big sellers as the firm originally thought they maybe. It is some sad news for die hard Mini fans but this can also be a good things as it could open the door for more room for new Mini models to be produced and perhaps gain a lot of success in the future.


Lexus announce a new concept for Geneva

Lexus have today revealed that they will be displaying their brand new LF-SA city car from the Geneva Motor Show next month in its concept form. It is highly believed that although in just concept form for the moment, the vehicle will make it onto the production line in the near future and will go on sale from around the time of 2018 at least. Information is currently a little scarce for the vehicle at the moment but a teaser image has been revealed by Lexus which shows the car showing off a new spindle design front grille never before used on a Lexus vehicle. The headlight design also shows that the car will pack fog lights and daytime running lights too. It can be difficult to tell but it does look like the LF-SA is in a Silver paint scheme too. Petrol engines and a hybrid variant are expected to be announced but for the time being, we will have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show before we see any more of the new concept design.


BMW planning either an i5 or i7?

In many areas of the world right now, the Tesla brand are dominating the electric vehicle market with their very popular Model S. Over the past few years though we have seen BMW step up the plate with some strong competition for the firm with the likes of their I range which currently consists of the i3 and i8. Both vehicles have recorded great sales rates for the German brand but the company could now be looking into the potential production of a new addition to the I range which could very well be either an i5 or an i7. The new model is not expected to run on all electric though is it is more likely to be offered in a plug in hybrid form. The new model is expected to contend with the Model S from Tesla Motors but no information has been given as of yet regarding how BMW would plan to do this specifications wise. For now however this is just rumour with no official announcement coming from the brand directly. Keep an eye out for further developments on this story though throughout the duration of this year.