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Mini Superleggra is a go- the Toyota Fortuner- Jaguar show off the new XF

The New York Motor Show gets underway from next month and already we are starting to learn of the new vehicles that are going to be debuted at the big event. The biggest so far was revealed yesterday as British firm Jaguar officially teased their brand new XF model by introducing the world to new teaser images of their new car. One of the main areas that Jaguar focused on with the new model was inside of the cabin. There are some great factors coming into play as far as changes go as we now see a ten inch screen located neatly in the dash. A full leather interior including the seats and a new digital system spanning from the doors around the dashboard also makes the XF look trendier than ever before. The exterior design of the car was also shown off. The roof of the car is now sloping more than before and the bonnet has also received new sculpturing which is set to make the car more sleek and agile than before. The mirrors also receive more sculpturing. The image was a view from the top of the car which looks to include privacy glass also with what could be a panoramic sunroof. Jaguar's ingenium petrol and diesel engines are also expected to hold a place underneath the bonnet and will be supercharged V6 and V8 sized units. Expect to see a figure around the £31,000 area for the new XF when it goes on sale later this year.


The Mini Superleggra is given the green light

It was last year that Mini revealed their brand new concept convertible machine under the name of the 'Superleggra'. When the car was revealed it received some great feedback from fans all around the world and there is now some exciting news regarding the car and that is that it has been given the green light to go into production. The new model will be produced and the car is expected to go on sale from the year 2018. Information regarding the specifications of the car have not yet been revealed but we do know that Mini are working on new architecture which will allow the 'Superleggra' to either be driven in front or all wheel drive formats. The model is more of a sports car and has a different look to what we can expect from Mini. It measures much longer than other Mini models and comes in the form of a two seater. Plans could change however for the production model but as to what they could be is anyone's guess at this point. As soon as we get more information on the specifications list to come along with the car we will be right here with all of the details.


A new Toyota suv teased?

Scanned images have recently surfaced online which could potentially show a brand new suv from the Toyota brand under the name of the Fortuner. The Fortuner is a vehicle which is currently offered across other markets world wide including Asia with Thailand being one of the most popular countries for the selling of the car. The scanned image didn't make the vehicle look too clear but we can see a silver paint scheme much similar to the Rav 4 and what shows to be a wide and long profile. All we know so far is that Toyota plan to introduce the car to the world at some point throughout the duration of this year but as for when it will go on sale, for how much and what countries it will market too remains a bit of mystery at this moment in time.