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Mercedes Release Hot Hatch Focus Rival!

The New Mercedes Benz A45 AMG


Due to the worldwide success of the hot hatchback Ford Focus, Mercedes have decided to rival the Focus with the firms first hot hatchback. The new Mercedes Benz A45 AMG will be the most powerful production version of the hot hatch back ever built.


Mercedes will now have the ability to rival not only the Ford Focus, but the other major mass market manufacturers in Germany, Audi and BMW. This will be the first time Mercedes will be competing in the hot hatch sector as it looks to wipe out the sales of both the Audi RS3 and the BMW M135i.


The Audi RS3 was set to be released towards the back end of 2012, but, as sales of the Focus slowed, Audi decided to delay the release of the new model for sometime in 2013. Mercedes aim to hijack any success the Audi had coming its way as it looks to release the new model soon after Audi announce a release date.


The hot hatch sector is a market that has traditionally been focused towards the younger generation of motorists and Mercedes either plan to change this by attracting existing Mercedes customers of an older and more experienced Mercedes driver, or the firm plan on attracting the younger consumer that would usually go to the likes of Audi and Ford.


It has not yet been said what the price of the Mercedes will be as that will display exactly what the target market is for Mercedes. The lower the price of the new hatch, the younger the target market is for the German firm.


The A45 will be fitted with the AMG four cylinder engine and a turbocharged petrol one of that, capable of achieving 355bhp at 6000rpm. This would be the highest specific output for the hot hatch sector and was a target for the Mercedes performance arm, AMG, as it looked to set the car apart from the competitors in terms of the power of the car.