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Massechusetts dog has ride of it's life

A beautiful White fluffy poodle-bichon cross dog has quite literally been on the ride of her life after she travelled 11 horrifying miles whilst being trapped in the front grill of a Toyota Camry. Her journey was from Taunton Massechusetts, to East Providence Rhode Island.

The Animal control supervisor of East Providence, William Muggle explained that the Toyota had been travelling at around 50mph. The driver of the vehicle had explained that he had seen a dog run out in front of him on Route 44 in Taunton, he had slammed his breaks on, though as he didn't see or feel anything else unusual, he carried on, presuming that he had missed the dog and it had scarpered.

11 miles later on in East Providence, a fellow motorist who had spotted the fluffy dog stuck in the grill, flagged the driver down. The driver then drove to a nearby police station without hesitation and animal control were of course called to collect the traumatised animal. The poor pooch was apparently wedged between the grill and the license plate, with her paws gripped on the inside of the bumper.

The little dog was then pulled out of the grill of the car and taken to a hospital nearby. There it was discovered that she had suffered with concussion and she also had a tooth missing and a small tear in her bladder. Luckily she had suffered with no broken bones. She also to the surprise of the animal control officer, stood up in the car, her courage and strength was something they had never seen before within an animal that had been involved in such an accident.

The dog is doing extremely well, she is said to be extremely friendly and affectionate, constantly trying to jump on anyone’s lap that is free. The owners of the dog are being searched for with animal control along with the police, she is believed to be around six or seven years old and she has an microchip implanted, however it is not registered. Let us be thankful that this wonderful animal survived such a strange ordeal and that she is back home with her family, who are surely missing her, in next to no time.