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Lamborghini Aventador SV-Ford at the Nurburgring-Honda airbags

It appears that Lamborghini have been busy out and about testing their brand new Aventador SV model. The vehicle has been spotted out on the road and images of the car have recently surfaced online of the sports vehicle wearing no disguise whatsoever. The new Aventador will be a brand new addition into Lamborghini's Super Veloce range and scarily enough is about to pack even more power than what it originally did in the first place. The confirmation on power rates and performance times are being kept very quiet for now but the latest word is that there is some strong potential for a power output of over the 750 horse power area. The car was seen in that bright Red colour scheme that we have seen from the Aventador in the past and it was seen carrying the Black Spoiler and Black multi spoke wheels. That dynamic shape in the bonnet and those slim aggressive headlights show that the new Aventador means business. Judging by the images taken of the car, we would guess that the new model is very close to production and could make its debut in Geneva in two months time.


The Ford Shelby Mustang takes the Nurburgring lap record

The Nurburgring is said to be where the big boys in the car industry go to play. It has been one of the hottest venues for the testing of speed in new cars for many years. The lap record has been broken by many different vehicles over the years with one of the more recent cars being the new Range Rover Sport SVR. It was just last year that the Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 broke the Nurburgring record in a lap time of 7:37 but now the new Shelby edition of the brand new Mustang from Ford has beaten the world record at the track held by the Chevrolet brand and it has been done five seconds quicker. The new Shelby GT350R sprinted its way around the track in 7:32. This is a huge deal for the new Mustang. Not only does the car go on sale in the UK for the very first time ever but beating the tracks record has just helped to add to the excitement. It carries a V8 engine with a capacity of 5.2 litres and the bodywork is made lighter than ever thanks to carbon fibre wheels and a lightweight body structure. The new Shelby performance updates to the new Mustang will also be available in Britain later this year.


Honda to change their airbag provider

Honda are known for carrying Takata air bags which have recently been in the news over the past twelve months. The news coming out this week though is that the brand could be planning to get rid of Takata airbags altogether starting from the arrival of their brand new Accord model. This may come as no surprise to us Honda fans as the Takata air bags supplied in some of their vehicles and across a range of manufacturers world wide have resulted in some very serious accidents recently and fatalities have also been reported. Millions of recalls were made for cars carrying Takata air bags due to them exploding and firing out shrapnel. This news could prove to be a huge loss for Takata. Takata supply more airbags for Honda than any other manufacturer and given this move for the Accord model which could potentially lead to other Honda cars in the future, this could prove to be a bad loss for Takata