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Is the new Honda Civic Type R the hottest hatch on the market?

Well the sales of Honda's brand new Civic Type R model have gotten underway with the vehicle available to order from your nearest Honda dealership right now. This latest addition into the companies hot hatch range has the potential to be one of the very best hot hatchback models that have been introduced onto the market and also in Honda's range. Many fans will be looking to Honda and their new Civic addition for a comfortable and performance based driving experience with some great little features thrown into the mix also and that is exactly what the firm deliver on with this latest addition.


What excitement does the new Civic Type R bring to the table?

Well lets address the big feature first and foremost and that is that Honda make history with this new model by offering a turbocharged engine underneath the bonnet for the first time ever. This comes in the form of a two litre, four cylinder setup. Much in traditional Honda fashion, the Type R is fitted with a six speed manual gearbox. Power from the new model which is a telling figure has results of 306 brake horse power delivered. This means that in terms of performing, the new Type R can hit a total top speed of 167 miles per hour with it taking just 5.7 seconds to hit the 62mph area which means it could even contend with the Golf R from Volkswagen. The overall agility of the car is focused on also with an altered suspension system just for the front end which results in a smoother driving experience. Honda have also brought their best to the table with the new car and they do this by offering Brembo brakes with the car.

Equipment wise Honda also offer a little something extra for customers. The generous amount of equipment includes Both climate and cruise control, parking sensors,a keyless entry system, Bluetooth technology and autonomous braking all as standard. Customers can however opt to include their GT pack which sees more features thrown into the mix which include the likes of a sat nav, a lane departure warning system and a collision warning system.


How much does the new Civic Type R go for?

For the basic model without the GT pack included, Honda are selling the new Civic Type R with a purchase price of £29,995 or you can however add in the GT pack meaning you will be paying out £32,295. Orders for the Type R are open right now.