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Late August 2012 at Gap Towers

With the new car registration month in September, it would be widely expected to be a relatively quiet month for a specialist broker like GapInsurance123. You would expect that most new car buyers would hold off the purchase of their vehicle until the new plates are out on September 1st, however this August has been quite different......not that we are complaining!

We have spoken to numerous customers who have been offered eye watering deals by their motor dealer, just to take the vehicle on a '12' plate rather than a '62' plate. Having nearly 30 years in the motor trade, we have to say this is a trend we have not seen before, at least not to this extent.

We all understand that dealers have targets to hit in August too, and it is obvious some dealers have been extremely generous in their offers to ensure these figures can be met.

The level of new car policies we have sold this month have been quite astonishing, in terms of being the month prior to a plate change. Like all businesses, we have projections and targets too, and our August sales are 100% higher than  we were expecting. We can take from this that many more consumers have taken a new car early, and this is reflected in how busy we have been.

How will these figures effect the new car business in September? Who knows, but we do know we have generated many quotes for September deliveries, so there is nothing to suggest that new vehicle registrations will dip below the expected for the '62' plate.

Time will tell, it will be an interesting last quarter for the motor industry and GapInsurance123 to boot.