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Hyundai tease the new Creta-Ford to announce the new GT-Hyundai i800 updates

Ford could be all set to reveal their brand new GT model this coming Friday. Although this information has not been given directly from Ford themselves, the company did however put the world on notice by saying they will be announcing some news this week regarding their performance line up and the new GT is expected to be the vehicle that is going to headline the class. The expectations for the reveal of the new GT is down to a press conference being held by Ford on Friday which is just one day prior to the start of the Le Mans 24 hour race. A special track based version of the car could also be on the cards due to the time of year the announcement is coming. We will have more information on the news from Ford later this week as and when we receive it.


Hyundai tease their brand new Creta model

Hyundai have teased their brand new Creta SUV model which will begin sales in India later this year and will be followed up with sales across other countries world wide shortly after. The Korean manufacturer teased the new car this week with sketch images of the styling direction in which the company are going to be taking the car. The new Creta is going to be heavily based on the concept design of the ix25 and this is demonstrated by the bumper designs and the trapeze style grille at the front end of the car. This is all that Hyundai will show the world of their new suv model though with engine and technical information not yet being revealed but we would expect to know more closer to the vehicles launch in India. One of the big features we noticed however was the width of the alloy wheel designs which look in the image as if they could be around maybe nineteen inches in size to twenties. This is yet to be announced though. The new Creta is set to go on sale towards the back end of this year with European counties receiving the car just after.


A new set of changes for the i800 from Hyundai

When we think of commercial vans in this generation,we look in the direction of the likes of Volkswagen and Mercedes with their Vito van range. Hyundai however are another company that offer a vehicle in the same segment operating under the name of the i800 here in the United Kingdom and other names including the H1 around other areas of the world. It is one of their most sold vehicles in this particular segment and it looks as if the brand may be looking to spice things up a bit with the van. An images has appeared on the internet which reveals the same vehicle but with a camouflaged front end out and about testing on public roads. All signs point towards a revised model on the way which could benefit from a new front bumper design and even altered headlight designs. It is worth noting that only the front end of the car was covered which means all changes would be focused there. There has been no comment made from Hyundai as of yet on the revised i800 but the car could be also set to receive some changes to its engine range possibly too.